Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-How To Transition From Part to Full Time Online Business


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Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-How To Transition From Part to Full Time Online Business

Most people begin their online marketing efforts as a part time endeavor, and many are able to transition to a full time online marketing business.

What’s the biggest roadblock to this highly sought-after transition? I believe you know the answer to that.

If not,I’ll make it as clear as possible from my perspective.

There are two pieces of the puzzle to which I’ll call your attention.

First,you need available funds,and the second you need to understand internet marketing. Continue reading Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-How To Transition From Part to Full Time Online Business

Frassadys’ Make Money Online Audio- Two Imminent Industries To Which Marketers Need To Be Aware

Frassadys Make Money Online Blog-15 Tested and Proven Ways to Build Your Subscriber List

15 Tested and Proven Ways to Build Your Subscriber List

A list of engaged subscribers is one of the most effective and reliable marketing resources. A good list so valuable that it can’t be bought. Why? Because when subscribers sign up for your list, they’re signing up to hear from you and your company. Subscribers have to be earned. What are the best ways to build a list? We’ve collected the top 15 to share with you today.

The permission model allows you to fill your audience with people who are genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to say

With information collected during sign-up (or later), you can precisely segment your list and design your email communication to suit your reader’s preferences.

As you attract qualified leads, you’ll be able to guide them through the decision-making process by aligning content to specific buying cycle stages.

Take a look at the 15 tips we’ve collected to help you build your email marketing list:

  1. Offer quality content. Nobody gives up their email address for free. If you want to build a valuable relationship and engage your audience, you need to provide content that is worthwhile and interesting.
  2. Put sign-up forms on every web page. Your sign-up form should be everywhere your potential subscribers are. Make sure it’s visible and easy to fill out.
  3. Use social media to collect email addresses. Integrate your sign-up forms with social media platforms. Driving traffic from multiple sources allows you to build a strong email marketing list much faster.
  4. Design your sign-up form carefully. Ask only for information you plan to use. A good rule of thumb is that less is more — the shorter the sign-up form, the higher the conversion rate.
  5. Show your privacy policy. Inform your readers that you will not share their personal information with third parties. A clear privacy policy helps you build trust and convince visitors that it’s safe to subscribe.
  6. Show samples of your content. Let your subscribers know what they are signing up for. Use your older content samples to “sell” the email sign-up.
  7. Include a call to action. Put a call to action in your submit button, e.g. Sign me up! This makes the sign-up process more engaging and improves the conversion ratio.
  8. Give away freebies. Think of a relevant incentive for your audience (e-book, infographic, whitepaper) and provide it for free.
  9. Ask subscribers to share. Take the time to prepare valuable, shareable content. Remember that putting the social share buttons is not enough; you still need to ask your subscribers to use them.
  10. Build a content distribution strategy. Producing great content is only half the battle. Make sure it’s visible to the right audience. Define who your ideal audience is and find out where they like to congregate online. Then choose communication channels accordingly.
  11. Publish landing pages. Create a squeeze page where visitors can download premium content in exchange for their email address. A dedicated web page helps users focus on the call to action and increases conversions.
  12. Include testimonials on your landing page. Social proof helps build trust toward a brand and its products. Use testimonials from satisfied customers to help visitors make a decision.
  13. Blog regularly. Great content brings more traffic. Develop a realistic content publishing schedule and stick to it.
  14. Guest post on popular blogs. Publishing your content on other blogs is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers in your industry and introduce yourself to new people. Include a backlink to your blog, and your blog’s search rankings will go up.
  15. Collect email addresses at offline events. Be ready to collect email addresses at trade shows and conferences. Ask for business cards or use the Forms on the Go app to instantly add people to your list.
Get your 30 day free trial

It’s time to get started.

Now you know a handful of great ways to build one of the most effective marketing assets — your email marketing list.

Want more? Check out the new GetResponse List Building Program, available free to anyone with a GetResponse account — even a 30-Day Free Trial account. To sign up for our free course, log into your GetResponse account or go here.

Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-Facebook Ads And Google Adwords Are Not The Only Games In Town

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Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-Facebook Ads And Google Adwords Are Not The Only Games In Town

As the competition tightens and the reach expands for Facebook and Google, the costs for Facebook’s news-feed adverts,and Google Adwords,specifically Search, has risen significantly.

The low hanging fruit proposition may still apply for small online businesses,but the larger online companies with hefty resources, obviously trump the small online businesses.

This is because the CPC escalates with the online Search and Social Media competition.

Remember starting out in internet marketing, the mentor always said go after the low hanging fruit,which meant choose relatively non-competitive keywords.

This meant long tail keywords,which were more specific in nature and therefore much less competitive.

So the CPC of “weight loss” a more general keyword, could cost you many dollars for one click, this puts it out of reach for the small internet marketing business.

But if you use long tail keywords you’d use words like this for a much lower cost:

  • weight loss surgery
  • weight loss plans
  • weight loss programs
  • weight loss motivation
  • weight loss tips
  • weight loss apps
  • weight loss after pregnancy
  • weight loss shakes
  • weight loss tea
  • weight loss clinic

You know this piece because you are an astute make money online internet marketer.

Keyword Tool Revisited

The best and free keyword planner is still Google keywords planner.

Because of its significance,let’s go over how to get the  Google keyword planner.

Sign in to Google Adwords. Click Keyword Planner,then click “Search for new keywords using a phrase,website,or category”.

Under “your product or service” enter your keyword.

Then click the blue rectangle “Get Ideas” at the bottom of the page.

If you haven’t done this,I thought I’d talk about it again,because of its significance and value.I’d a problem when I first went into Adwords figuring out how to work the tool.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

You can use this tool for Google Adwords, YouTube,Bing,Amazon and the Apps Store.

This is a free tool, I mean really free,not bs free.

Simply click the keyword tool image, plug in your keyword,bring up a list of long-tail keywords from one of the above platforms.

When the 800+ list appears, you’ll get a “copy” red box.

Click the “Search Terms ?” at the head of the column,a “copy all
red box appears,click that,and you’ll see xxx keywords copied to the clipboard.

The clickboard is a Windows software facility used for short-term data storage and data transfer between documents or applications, using copy and paste or control+c and control+v.

Click the image below to go there directly.

When you get your keywords copied to the clipboard,simply pull up a Wordpad doc,or a MS Word doc,and do a ctrl+v,to add your keywords to the document. (copyallj)

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

There is a “pro” version and an API,both of which add significant features,as you start making a routine income,or as you bring your online business to the next level.

The Keyword tool pro provides you with over 1,400 Keywords for one search.

I’ll save time by sorting keywords based on search volume, CPC and AdWords competition.

Keep in mind,you don’t have to use Adwords to get the relative competition of a keyword.

The API is for the advanced user with an established online enterprise.

The API will help you to automate and speed up your keyword research operation.

It will allow you to get thousands of very useful, relevant keywords in just seconds.

The API will give you full access to keyword data from Bing, Amazon, App Store Autocomplete,Google,and YouTube.

You would be able to generate hundreds of thousands or even possibly millions of relative very specific long-tail keywords.

The API uses relatively simple scripts and formulas in Google spreadsheets or MS Excel.

Market Share

But we’re talking about the Google Adwords and Facebook’s news-feed ads, the PPC networks,that have all the advertising business they need.

It continues to grow. Lets take a look at an infographic,and get the average click through rates across multiple indutries.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

Interesting comparison here,check the “Dating and personals” the CTR is 3.4% and the GDN,aka Adsense for the publisher,is .5% CTR.

Below is an infographic from Wordstream comparing the CPC on the Google Search Network,to the CPC on the Google Display Network or GDN.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

Lets talk about some of the lower cost,but qualitative alternatives to Adwords and Facebook.

Bing Microsoft PPC or search network

This is an search network from a major search engine-Bing.

Bing has combined its PPC efforts with obviously the predominant multinational technology company in Microsoft.

Bing Ads as compared to Google AdWords has significant support service, real technical people providing tips to solve your advertising issues.

Bing Ads have lower PPC prices relative to Google AdWords and Facebook’s news-feed advertising .

Traffic is much lower than in Google AdWords,but it has high quality targeted traffic,check the infographic below for market share.  Click image for the Bing network.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog


Bing and AOL content networks

In addition to Bing’s search network,it also has a content network.This would be equivalent to Google’s display network or GDN.

There are no image or banner ads in Bing content network,however.

This contextual network is text ads only. That can make it tougher on the advertiser, as images are important in display adverts.

Click here for the Bing Ads signup.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

Keep in mind, that as of July 2015,Bing stopped serving content ads on nearly all their properties that had constructed the Bing content network.

Basically,AOL took over most of the Bing content network,which was comprised of Yahoo,Microsoft,and other partner sites in the Bing content network.

Click here for the AOL network. the image below.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog


The announcement, which comes quickly after the news that AOL is taking over the display advertising business from Bing, means that Bing Ads will no longer serve content ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and their network of partner sites.

Bing Ads will continue to have content ads on Windows Media, also,in apps for the Windows Phone.

The reason for the change from Bing’s perspective,was that only a small percentage of Bing ads were offered on the content network.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network or GDN, is a compilation of websites including Google websites that show AdWords ads, like Google Finance,Google plus, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube.

There are actually 189 Google owned sites and applications,many related to the Android OS,developed and owned by Google.

If you’ve ever seen an AdWords ad on Google Hangouts, Google Now or in your Gmail account, it is on the GDN.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

Here’s a  GDN  network video.

Go here for the GDN.

Go here to make a GDN image and ad.

GDN Direction if need be

First go to your Google adwords account at
Go to the campaign where you’ll be running the new ad and click the “Ads” tab.
Click “New Ad” and then select Display Ad Builder.
Build and save your ad.

Free listing sites

Here’s a list of some of the free listing sites.


Free advertising Networks

Click the image for a list of free online business  advertising.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

Yahoo Gemini

Gemini is a disparate advertising platform that places adverts predicated on the industry,niche and content in which the advertiser has worked and has been affiliated.

It provides search text ads on mobile devices across Yahoo and the Yahoo partner network, as well as native ads across the network.

Native ads can also appear within the content stream including the Yahoo results search page.

Gemini search ads,and campaigns created in Yahoo’s Gemini,are not shown on the Bing, Microsoft, or Bing affiliate properties advertising networks.

There was a legal contract signed between Yahoo and Microsoft in February of 2010.

However,the deal did not work out as expected from a revenue perspective.

In April 2015,the Yahoo-MS search contract came up for renewal.It was then agreed that Yahoo could deliver 49% of its desktop search queries to whomever it wished.

Microsoft took over the other 51% of the Yahoo ads.

Yahoo kept full control over mobile searches, virtually the same as when the original agreement was signed in 2010.

Keep in mind, in February of 2010 mobile searches were seen as negligible.

Click here to go to Yahoo Gemini.

Yahoo Google partnership

Yahoo announced as of October 2015, it would be partnering with Google to provide listings and ads for some of the 49% of desktop search queries.

It will also use Google for mobile adverts.


Click the image to go to clicksor.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog


Internet marketing company has kept up with rapid development and growth, as it continues to meet the challenges by developing new digital technologies and strategic innovative marketing tools.

I’d used it,and I was impressed with the response I’d gotten in sign-ups.

I believe their focus is correct to provide the best return on the advertising dollar with contextual advertising.

Since I’d use Clicksor,they’ve instituted Contextual Targeting Technology,which targets your visitors more closely to the product and services you are promoting.

Results are achieved by targeting enquirers as close as possible to your products and services. Inc is a related company of YesUp Media. If you make money online publishing,you would go through YesUP media at

Clicksor is rated number 12,722 in Alexa’s global ranking,which is obviously very high.


Click here to go to Adroll.
This company utilizes ad retargeting. There are three different targets in their retargeting scheme.

They are retargeting on the web, retargeting on Facebook’s News-feed, and retargeting on Facebook’s Right Hand Column.

It also can retarget mobile and Twitter.

Obviously,Twitter retargeting is short and sweet,as you make your 140 characters target promoted tweets,Twitter website cards, and twitter lead gen cards using Twitter’s targeted audiences.

This Adroll scheme will retarget customers across mobile devices on one of the most active social platforms.

Adroll is ranked 14,511 in the United States per Alexa.

Retargeting has you set code snippet on your site.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

This code sets a cookie in your visitors’ web browsers,after they’ve visited your site.

This code is generated by a marketing company like Adroll or Google Adwords for example.

For the purpose of this article we’re focusing more on Bing or Yahoo for paid Search or display network.

Retargeting in Paid Search delivers your ads to previous visitors when they search on Bing and/or Yahoo.

Obviously, the reason for retargeting is to get some of the 77% of the visitors back to your site,who’ve left your site without converting.

Take a look at this Bing retargeting video.

Social Media Link Building

Social Media Link Building is a method of alternative advertising, because it is where many people spend most of their online time.

You need to link your content on popular social media sites for online business exposure relative to your known audience.

It’s an opportunity to gain important social media backlinks to your site.

Some of the social media sites to which I’ll call your attention,that’ll afford important backlinks are:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
  • Foursquare
  • Stumble Upon
  • Reddit

To add a group to your favorites list:

1) Click “Home” on the top bar.
2) In the left menu, find the category you’d like to add to your favorite’s list. Hover over the category name,in this case “groups” and then click “More”.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

It will bring up a page with the groups you’re in and other relevant groups.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

When you find pertinent niche group,for your niche on Facebook,it’ll give you the opportunity to advertise on the group page gratis,and to leave your website link,and/or your offer’s landing page link.

Also,you can easily direct an advert to your Facebook page. Just install your page’s URL in the group’s post box and your page’s cover will magically appear. You’ll have a free advert right to your Facebook page.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

Keep in mind,that there are savvy marketers who are able to leverage Facebook as their primary website.

Moreover,they’re able to avoid the domain and hosting fees that come with a website.

My Funstuff Facebook page has a “watch video” button which will take you directly to my, so an enquirer would have to go to my Facebook page and then to my website.

If you had an affiliate offer, you would build the Facebook page relative to your offer’s landing page.

I’ll need to put a wrap on this edition of Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog called Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-Facebook Ads And Google Adwords Are Not The Only Games In Town,but I’ll leave you with these words: When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.


What Does Yahoo’s New Google Partnership Mean For SEO’s Future? US Alexa rank 205,432 Global Alexa rank 67844


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