Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!

I’ll continue Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter with Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!.

Sometimes you neglect your social media platform fan page,because the time and extra work to put content into it.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter (Click pic for a free MOBE Video)

Yes, a social media advertising budget can be prohibitive. Do not blindly do page boosts or post boosts without going over,several times if necessary, the mechanics of installing an advert (boost) on Facebook for example.


Keep in mind, that for social promotions and brand imaging,you’ll need to incorporate at least the predominant social media into your marketing plan.

If you focus on your website only, then you’ll have regressed social media sites.

Be sure to install a social media widget or plugin that will lend itself to social media advertising,by installing a video or blog post directly into the predomiate social media sites.

Obviously,you need to progress the social media sites just as you progress your website.

( If you have a WordPress blog,the plugin I use is called Kebo Social,but obviously you can search for another that’ll benefit you more.)

If you have  significant customers or in Facebook “likes” , in Google plus “followers” or “views”, and on Twitter “followers”,you’ll need to keep current content on the respective page.

If not you run the risk of not having visitors come back,as they think you’re no longer in business,or no longer managing that specific page.

So for our Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter,try to keep up, the good piece relative to social media content,is that if you can update one,you can update everyone,as different fan pages will have different viewers and different group of viewers.

Let’s imagine that you can only manage one social media platform. Which platform would be the most amicable to your online business?

Obviously,Twitter would be the easiest to update,because you never have to go to your Twitter site.

On the other hand,you’d need to ask the most significant and relevant question:What drives enquirers or customers to your site?

I believe you’d need a Facebook fan page if your product or services needed images or even Google plus.

Your decision will also be based on whether your marketing is real time,like Amazon products.

Furthermore for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter,be sure to know whether your company B2B or B2C,or a combination?

If you are an affiliate marketer for Amazon, having a Facebook account set up where you can share links with product pictures might be the correct social media marketing strategy.

Twitter is more of a real time social media. This is why blogging and happening-now feelings and quotes works so well with Twitter.

Twitter just recently started “Twitter Groups”,you can use Direct Messages to speak privately with a group of up to 20 people.

The group function lets you start conversations with any of your followers,and they can be any of your followers,up to the magic number of 20.

People on Twitter will soon be able to seamlessly capture, edit and share videos right from the Twitter app.

( Take a look at

Now to market yourself or your brand,you’ll need to build relationships on linkedIn. LinkedIn is the ultimate online social networking platform.

Here you can find the decision makers for medium and larger companies. So if you were in the software selling business,software that can benefit a company,you have a significant listening audience with the LinkedIn professionals.

And Pinterest already launched Promoted Pins in December 2014 which is a significant advert product.

This new marketing,called “intent” marketing for this social media platform,based on the fact users bookmark item pins which their interested in purchasing.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter-
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter-


The ads had only been demographically targeted before,but obviously Pinterest has taken a note from other social media platforms,and are targeting enquirers’ “likes” and pins.

Google Plus is an important social media platform,with over 600 million active world wide users,Google+ has the multimedia capability of Facebook,and is not as stringent,relative to installing links with your adverts.

Furthermore for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter, Google+ has much more leverage relative to SEO rankings,as Google search will advantage and prioritize your pagerank in SERP,after having established yourself or brand in a Google Plus page.

And I believe you’re aware that videos are also facilitated,especially YouTube Videos,as Google owns YouTube.

Obviously, you want to emphasize the social media platform from which the majority of your traffic is coming.

Keep in mind however,that you can update the social media sites automatically with a WordPress plugin.

You can even manually update the social platforms quite easily now, as the social platforms have evolved,and are still evolving,to make posting quite transparent and easy to do.

Ok I’ll need to wrap this week’s Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!, however,If you’re looking for a powerful software WordPress tool that tracks your social media metrics including Twitter,Facebook, Google+, Pintrest & more, then you’ll need to check out Social Metrics Pro. Go Here Now 

Frassadys’ Healthy Diet Plan Healthy Weight Loss Blog-Ok Doc This Stuff About Folate is Interesting Tell Us More!

Let’s continue Frassadys’ Healthy Diet Plan Healthy Weight Loss Blog with Frassadys’ Healthy Diet Plan Healthy Weight Loss Blog-Ok Doc This Stuff About Folate is Interesting Tell Us More!.

Folate or Folic Acid is an essential B vitamin. Recall “essential”,from previous frassadys’ healthy diet plan blogs,means the human body cannot manufacture folate,you must get it from food sources or supplementation.

Frassadys' Healthy Diet Plan Healthy Weight Loss Blog
Frassadys’ Healthy Diet Plan Healthy Weight Loss Blog (click pic for healthy weight loss product)

What’s the Recommended Daily Allowance and the “Upper Limit”? These terms are key when it comes to planning your healthy weight loss plan,because the OTC dosage will be set at the Recommended Daily Allowance,and the upper limit is obviously the amount over which you must not exceed.

Go here to measure the supplement or daily intake of a vitamin or mineral ( ).

So if you look at a multiple vitamin,you’ll see that there is 400 micrograms (mcg) set as the OTC dosage.Also, beside the multivitamin tablet,the B Complex tablet also contains the recommended daily allowance set at 400 mcg..

Bear in mind for this Healthy Diet Plan Healthy Weight Loss Blog,that you should communicate effectively with your doctor,personal physicians, and all relevant professional health personnel,before you add even an OTC supplement to your healthy diet plan.

This is especially true for pre-pregnant and pregnant women,because folate is a significant B vitamin recommended for pre-pregnant and pregnant women.

( take a look at

As far as a natural food source,you’ll need to add green leafy vegetables,especially raw spinach,and grains.

That said,let’s look at how folate or folic acid can be important for your healthy diet plan healthy weight loss plan.

Recall from past blogs that the two plans are interdependent,as you become more healthy your ideal weight will very definitely follow.

Recollect strategic planning and knowledge is key to any weight loss plan.You can commit to it,make promises to yourself,but ultimately you must understand the reason why you do specific relevant things.

Once you understand why,you’ll gain important perspective,which you’ll incorporate into your lifelong plan.

Your team members will come and go, but the leader of your team will stay the same throughout your lifetime,so you’ll need to be a wise leader,as you’ll always have the ultimate commitment to your health,where other team members will not.

Folic acid is converted in the human body to predominant molecules and others,each of which has various biological functionality.

The human body needs folate to synthesize and repair DNA. I believe you understand how important it is to keep your DNA healthy,as every part of your body is expressed by your DNA.

“DNA is organized into long structures called chromosomes. During cell division these chromosomes are duplicated in the process of DNA replication, providing each cell its own complete set of chromosomes.”¹

So here you have the most fundamental process in life,and folate has a predominant role in DNA replication and accurate chromosomal cell division.

One other concept to clarify,in which folate plays a significant role, is the “gene”.

This gene is a stretch of DNA or RNA*,each of which can code for a polypeptide molecule (part of the DNA strand) which has specific biological functionality within the human body.

That may be as deep as we need to go for our purposes,but there is another term which you should become aware,because it is dependent on folate.

That is DNA methylation,by which it alters the expression of genes in cells,as cells divide and differentiate from embryonic stem cells into specific tissues.

Keep in mind for this healthy diet plan healthy weight loss plan folate presentation,that folic acid is very essential in aiding rapid cell division and growth, for a developing fetus and early child development.

I believe you can see why more folate is needed during the developmental process, because there is a rapid proliferation of cell division.

It makes sense that the developmental process can be sluggish when there is a dearth of folate,because the DNA replication process slows down.

A folate deficit is accelerated by alcohol consumption,also keep in mind that alcohol kills many essential vitamins.

That’s probably an incorrect statement,as it takes significant nutrients to metabolize alcohol in the liver, and obviously if you use nutrients for this,there’s a deprivation for the other more essential biological activites.

Folate is vulnerable, as is all the B complex vitamins and vitamin C.Folic acid can prevent anemia,as it builds red blood cells.

Also keep in mind for this healthy diet plan healthy weight loss plan folate seminar,as you know your cells’ genetic material,above which we’d discussed,can become damaged from several sources.

So you’ll need not only a constant intake of folic acid,you’ll also need a constant level of folate in the body, to prevent an exacerbation of genetic damage.

One concept to remember and keep in mind is the “constant level” concept, this is why time release, or taking a vitamin at different times of the day becomes extremely important.

As you age you must become much more vigilant,because you become more vulnerable.You’ll take more drugs,you’ll take more OTC pain medications,and you’ll probably drink alcohol.

So obviously as the negatives increase the positives,about which we’ve emphasized,must increase.

Always incorporate your health team into your healthy diet plan healthy weight loss plan decisions, especially your personal physician.

One other important consideration for maintaining a constant level of folic acid,is that it is need to convert homocysteine,a toxic protein conversion byproduct,to molecules that are helpful to your body like methionine and cysteine.

A paucity of folate will cause homocysteine levels to rise,high homocysteine levels are prominently associated with heart disease and Ischemic stroke.


High level of Homocysteine can cause arterial fissures,especially if you’d low levels of vitamin C-recall vitamin C manufactures collagen,which keeps arteries and veins pliable-small fissures or “rough spots”,if you want,attract LDL cholesterol.

Also,fissures will invite an inflammatory response. Recall inflammation increases the movement of plasma and leukocytes (especially granulocytes) from the blood into the injured tissues or arteries,hence the buildup of junk at the fissure.

You can see the point here for this healthy diet plan healthy weight loss plan seminar,if the pile of junk gets loose in your cardiovascular system,bad things will ensue.

One study showed a significant drop in homocysteine levels after taking a pharmacological dose of folic acid. Obviously, this would require a doctor’s prescription,communicate with your doctor about homocysteine levels.

I’ll need to put a wrap on this
Frassadys’ Healthy Diet Plan Healthy Weight Loss Blog-Ok Doc This Stuff About Folate is Interesting Tell Us More!,but I’ll leave you with a couple of interesting thoughts:

I maintain there is much more wonder in science than in pseudoscience. And in addition, to whatever measure this term has any meaning, science has the additional virtue, and it is not an inconsiderable one, of being true.                                  Carl Sagan


Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof.

Ashley Montague

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healthy diet plan, healthy weight loss
make money online,how to make money online
Healthy Diet Plan,Healthy Weight Loss
Small Business Web Hosting, Free Domains


*ribonucleic acid deoxyribonucleic acid


Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12215 Newsletter-How to Prevent and Fix Breakdowns in your WordPress Website

For our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter lets take a look at Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12215 Newsletter-How to Prevent and Fix Breakdowns in your WordPress Website.

As marketers we know that WordPress is the best software to use to build a blog. The reason for this is that it is relatively simple to use,and it’s a complete blogging and content management platform.

Frassadys make money online,how to make money online Blog
Frassadys make money online,how to make money online Blog (click pic for a free MOBE Video)

Keep in mind,that it is an “open source” software,which means that it’s gratis,and anyone from any part of the world,can work on it,enhancing it and adding more value.

The open source blogging platform was started in 2003,but has evolved into a content management system,because of the evolution of plugins and widgets.

Basically,plugins and widgets allow the expanding capabilities of the system.Also, they allow significant designers of plugins and widgets to continually enhance the platform.

Furthermore,Wordpress gives the website administrator significant control over the WP site.

However,like any software,there are significant quirks,and there can be mismatches and quirks in primarily the plugins,but also in the widgets.

So your site can get knock down,but not out by a mismatched or quirky plugin or widget.It’s really quite amazing that WordPress has been able to continually move the software forward,with the pervasive designers and disparate add-ons.

Obviously, one of the predominant issues is matching the release number of WordPress with the release number of the plugin or widget.So you can have an older version of WP and a plugin engineered for the newest version.

Or conversely,you can have the newest version of WP and a plugin or widget engineered for an older version.

Normally the “detail” of the plugin or widget will give you the “Requires WordPress Version” e.g., 3.3 or higher;it will give the “Compatible up to”,e.g.,4.1;it will give you the “Downloaded” (how many times it been downloaded).

For our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter ,mismatches or quirks can be two of the preponderate issues if your site fails.

Most of the time with a quirk or a mismatch,you’ll see the problem soon enough,as your site will behave differently.You can obviously fix this by deleting the new add-on.

What happens if you can’t access your site? Well you’ll need to go to your WP C-Panel,go to: public_html/wp-content/plugins,find the offensive plugin,left click to highlight,right click for the pulldown,then double click delete.

Bear in mind,that a WP failure can also be caused by other issues, that are probably not nearly as common as a defective or mismatched plugin.

For example you can have corrupted files or a corrupted database.So you need to regularly back up your blog.

There are several ways to do this,but the the best way is to upload a backup-your-site WP plugin,and there are many. Obviously,you want to be able to recover quickly in the event of a server failure,or website code contamination.

You always backup your blog’s database and your content files. Sometimes a plugin can fail,after you’ve upgraded your version of WordPress,as it now becomes mismatched.

At that point,for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter you either switch back to the earlier version of WordPress,or you methodically disable each plugin until you find the offender.Remember and I’m sure you know this,but I’ll repeat it because it is so important,you always backup your site before you upgrade to a newer version.

(I spoke to Kevin Blue,the young creator of Internet Income University,and he recommends as a great backup site upon which to rely.)

Keep in mind there are several ways to troubleshoot,you can disable plugins one at a time and check for correct functionality, or you can disable all the plugins and check for functionality.

If you disable all the plugins,then you conversely enable each plugin back one at at time and check for proper functionality after the individual enable.

Once you find the corrupt or mismatched plugin,then obviously you’ll need to either update the plugin or get a substitute plugin.

WordPress can also look for database corruption,this is much more rare,but can happen.

If you are getting a “error establishing a database connection”,then you can add a line to your wp-config.php file:define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);Once you have done that, you can see the settings by visiting this page:

WP can then automatically fix an issue.There is also the possibility of repairing the database at, go to “databases” => MySQL Databases,there you’ll find the functionality to check or repair the database.

Obviously, with this type of rare failure,you’ll need to be in communication with your WP and hosting professionals.

Heres a video showing how to delete the corrupted database and reinstall from Don’t forget WordPress support forum.

For a simple to use plugin to backup, clone & protect your WordPress blogs check out Backup Creator go here now

Frassadys Make Money Online Blog-教師, Talk About the 12 Step Copy Writing Formula

Excellent,so for this Frassadys Make Money Online Blog let’s discuss Frassadys Make Money Online Blog-教師, Talk About the 12 Step Copy Writing Formula,as this formula has been a predominate blueprint,and was adapted by copy writers even before advertising became such an integral part of the World Wide Web.

make money online,how to make money online
make money online,how to make money online (Click Pic for MOBE Video)

Before I enumerate the twelve important sales copy points,keep in mind that you need to always want to approach it from the perspective of your customer. What does your prospect want to know?

First and foremost always imagine yourself as your own customer.It’s all about the what the customer needs and wants,and has almost nothing to do with you.

You always need to organize,just like when you wrote your college term papers.The difference however,is that you write very conversational,informal, and simple with short sentences and paragraphs.

Next for our Frassadys Make Money Online Blog seminar, make it flow smoothly and naturally.

That being said let me bullet the 12 steps,keep in mind you don’t have to follow this specific order:

  • Subject
  • Hook
  • Features and Benefits
  • Unique Selling Proposals
  • Credibility
  • Bargain Appeal
  • Guarantee
  • Push (Importance of making an immediate decision)
  • No way you can lose with this
  • immediate delivery
  • Payment ease
  • Bullets
  • P.S.

Bear in mind,and you’ve heard this many times, that the subject line or headline is the most important piece of the sales letter.

The sales video,is now the most advocated marketing tool and is a shorter version of the webinar. So in the subject,you need to formulate the advantageous result from your offer.

Or,solve your customer’s problem with your product or service. You need to create a clear and compelling headline,as 80% of your sales depends on the headline.

You always need to be down-to-earth as well as able to relate to people on a human level.

The recommendation is to write a hundred headline subjects,and put them into a “swipe” file from which you can draw.

You can get ideas from:

  • Copyblogger Archives ( ),
  • Readers Digest,( ),
  • cosmopolitan ( ),
  • digg ( )
  • Early To Rise Newsletter (ETR) ( )
  • ( )


Furthermore for this Frassadys Make Money Online Blog-教師, Talk About the 12 Step Copy Writing Formula discussion,”How to…” is a powerful leadoff,so “How to write powerful online adverts that will force your customers to hand over the money….”.

The initial compelling words are called the “eyebrow”,so always begin with the powerful eyebrows: “announcing”,”introducing”,”new”, “now’, “at last”, “Who else wants”, “The Secret of”, “Here’s a method that’ll always help you to”, “Here’s a lighting fast way to”, “Get rid of … forever”.

So “At last,ways to use your desktop computer to make money online…”. Or, “How to make $1000 a week in the stock market…”,”Announcing a proven way to make money at home…”, “Who else wants to make significant money working from the coffee shop…”.

Recall from previous discussions that you use what they call an “opening hook”,with the “If you…..then…” format.

If you want this outstanding benefit,then you need my unique and outstanding product or service.

Keep in mind,that specificity is an absolute necessity in headline copywriting.

So “At Last a proven way to use your laptop computer to make money online” becomes “At Last 15 proven ways to use your laptop computer to make money online”.

Do not put more than one predominant idea into your headline. Here’s another example of specificity: “Secret San Francisco marketing society helps 100 year old army veteran make $6752.92 in one week from this method.”

I’ll invent a MOBE headline: If you want to discover how to make 1000,3000,and 5000 dollar commissions,using the 21 step formula from a 28 year old Perth Australia Internet Marketing genius,this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

The other option for the opening hook is to tell a story.This is a short,realistic,and compelling piece about you, to which your prospect can relate.

So remember,specificity in the header,and the hook needs to be compelling,so you can even use emotion.

So in my own situation: “Here I am a retired telephone company engineer,needing extra income to do a few extra things in retirement,for two and one-half years I did nothing online but write my blog,and paid out thousands of dollars,and then I ran into Matt Lloyd’s MOBE.”

Next let’s look at Features and Benefits. So obviously you focus on giving people what they want and/or need.Also,you focus on solving their problem,so you talk about problems,and you talk about solutions.

In our case for this Frassadys Make Money Online Blog seminar,we’re talking about problems and solutions in internet marketing. [Check out Eugene Swartz’ book Breakthrough Advertising.¹]

Next,Unique Selling Proposals can also be called relative advantage. This is basically needing to differentiate yourself from other marketers in your niche.

make money online,how to make money online
Frassadys make money online,how to make money online
Blog (click pic for free MOBE Video)


So you’ll usurp your prospects desire to go to other marketer’s product in your niche,by getting into the expediency of your product and services.

You always explain the significant advantages that they’ll get from your product and services.

I believe you understand the impact of Credibility and Observability as 70% of enquirers make decisions based on the opinion of other persons who know the product or service.

So imagine the power of text and/or video testimonials,endorsements from experts,letters from customers,and dealers and websites that sell your product or service.

Always use the real name and title of the client; it adds more weight to the testimonial.

So for our Frassadys Make Money Online Blog discussion,always request some form of testimonial from your clients.

And then we have Price and Bargain appeal.So you need to make comparisons that make your price look like a terrific bargain.

You probably have seen this where most marketers selling front-end products will cross out the first higher end price $97,and then introduce the “ridiculously low opening limited time offer”: $37 for a personal license and $47 for an agency license.

You’ve seen this technique in which the marketer when selling services will advise that her time is worth $1000 per hour,but I’m going to charge only $97 for an hour of my valuable time.

Here’s a quote from Mike Dillard’s blog: “Last year in LFP, I charged $37 to $47 per month for something I could have charged $1,000 per month for.

“Well this time, I’m going to make the deal even better. Next week, people will be able to get an entire year of business coaching from me inside this mentoring program, for just one single payment of $97.”

So what about the Guarantee? Well obviously people love the assurance that comes from a guaranteed product or service.

Here’s one from a sales letter I just received: “Try eProduct Now for 30 days risk free. I’m 100% confident that you will love making captivating, engaging videos while saving days and weeks of time after you start using eProduct.

“However, if for some reason you’re not totally satisfied are not 100% satisfied, simply contact our support desk and we will quickly refund your purchase.”

I’m sure you’ve read the “Bonuses and Discounts” on the many offers that come into your email every day.

So you install in your sales copy: “Claim Your make money online Software Right Now Special Pricing Available for a Limited Time ONE TIME Investment at 80% OFF Today!”

And of course You Can’t Lose,as you prove to your prospects they can’t lose,and this is where you emphasize the value and practicality of the product backed up by the guarantee.

So: “You are taking No Risks when you invest in make money online eProduct today.”

The Push is where you talk about the need to make an immediate decision: “This offer is only available for the next few days during our initial launch period. After that the 75% discount will be gone and the price will increase back to the normal price.”

There is no way you can lose,which takes us back to the significance of the guarantee and the obvious quality of your product or service.

For example,Matt Lloyd the MOBE creator,not only guarantees the MOBE  eProducts,he also says that he’ll pay you $500 if you don’t make money in 30 days with MOBE system,if you follow the 21 step program.

The bullets can really be placed anywhere on your copy,you can put them in the beginning or towards the end.


Keep in mind for this Frassadys Make Money Online Blog discussion,that the two key bullet point elements are brevity and promise.

You understand the importance of being concise,and as for promise you’re making a plain and legitimate claim that your product or service will give your prospect what they’ve been looking for.

Finally “P.S.” must give your prospect a sense of urgency,like the Push.

Basically,it’s the end note, to remind of the time deadline and the limited supply of bonuses,or even a limited supply of your product.

Be sure to urge them to respond immediately,just like a call-to-action.

Ok I’ll need to put a wrap on this Frassadys Make Money Online Blog-教師, Talk About the 12 Step Copy Writing Formula seminar,but I’ll leave you with some valuable words:“And old Dave, he’d go up to his room, y’understand, put on his green velvet slippers – I’ll never forget – and pick up his phone and call the buyers, and without leaving his room, at the age of eighty-four, he made his living. And when I saw that, I realized that selling was the greatest career a man could want.” ~Arthur Miller (1915 – 2005), Death of a Salesman, 1949.

One more from a woman entrepreneur : “A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.” ~Mary Kay Ash
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healthy diet plan, healthy weight loss
make money online,how to make money online
Healthy Diet Plan,Healthy Weight Loss
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