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make money online-ครู,Talk About Email Marketing And Techniques!

Ok นักเรียน,we’ll continue our how to make money online series of seminars with make money online-ครู,Talk About Email Marketing And Techniques!.

Let’s start with the discussing the difference between a “broadcast” email and a “follow-up” email.The follow-up email is probably the most important of email messages.

They are preloaded into your autoresponder and there can be from one to many.They are automatically sent to your new leads as they come into the autoresponder. They are sent at pre-established intervals,that you’d would set up prior to a campaign.

make money online

make money online

So say you had 4 follow-up emails,you could send number 1 three times a week for a week or two. You would then follow with number 2,3 and 4, for the subsequent weeks. You establish the interval and frequency that is appiled to a email list’s follow-up program.

Bear in mind that this follow-up would be automatic,depending on the schedule you inserted into the autoresponder.So for this make money online email techniques discussion, once you have an established list,you can send out a broadcast email to everyone on your list.

A broadcast email is defined as one time only,although obviously, you could send it out as many times as you wanted,but there would be no scheduling piece incorporated into the autoresponder software.

Keep in mind that if you get new leads from a campaign email,then they are basically saying that they’d like to know more,and they’re implicitly agreeing to receive further relevant information.So if you start with a new autoresponder,with no leads,you’ll only need to establish follow-up emails.

So as you send out offers, or initiate campaigns,then leads will come into your autoresponder,and you’ll be establishing a list.The follow-ups will automatically go out to the new leads.Regular follow-ups are a significant part of the internet marketing email system,because they keep you consistent and your customers within reach.

Your product must have significant value, and once you develop your brand,establish a relationship, and start making sales, it will become easier, because your customers will buy from you again.

In our previous Make money online seminar, we’d talked about Matt Lloyd, a young industrious Internet Marketer who came out with significant products,which he’d put together for the newbie and struggling Internet Marketer.

These commodities are qualitative how-to internet marketing”low end” products and services. The interesting piece of his internet marketing business is that he incorporated “high end” products on the far end of the sales funnel.

Let me quote from the Wiki to clarify the sales funnel:”The sales funnel visually describes the sales process from initial contact to final sale. It uses the metaphor of a leaky funnel, into which a seller can observe sales opportunities. At some point, sales opportunities are removed from the funnel because potential customers become uninterested or you determine…”¹ that they are disinterested at this particular time.

So Matt developed MOBE with the idea of high end products at the end of the funnel. Moreover for this make money online email marketing discussion,the qualitative internet marketing products,would bring online marketers into the funnel,and at the back end,the high end products were positioned, and a highly professional sales team was situated to discuss the high end opportunities.

MOBE and its accompanying sales funnel were built with precision,and the leads were dependent upon internet marketing email techniques to secure qualitative highly targeted leads.

There are several qualitative autoresponders,and I’ll refer you to make money online-Guru,Talk about Email Marketing and Advertising with Email!,from frassadys.com, to get a list of the best online autoresponders.

So how do you go about building a list and generating leads?There are many safelists into which you can purchase a membership.There is also a company called global Ad Solutions that does a large amount of email marketing, it has developed double opt-in lists of persons waiting to receive offers. You can visit GAS at http://www.emailsubmitters.com/services.html. I’ll also give you a list from which you can choose:

  • List Building Maximizer
  • Reactiveadz
  • Your EZ ads
  • Ultimate List generator
  • Traffic Barrage
  • Traffic Bailout
  • Totally Tweetable
  • The Internet Ad store
  • Viral Traffic Outbreak

Furthermore, if you want to build a list very quickly,you can buy leads,and there are several companies from which you can purchase leads. The following sites may be of interest:dnb.com,salesgenie.com,email-elite.com,www.experian.com,infousa.com.

Obviously, there are pros and cons about purchasing leads and lists, so think it over very carefully,and keep in mind that there are several options available,especially the ones above which we’d discussed.Also, take a look at this social media article:”How to Get 10 Leads a Day on Facebook”.

Recall the overall objective in list building and the accumulation of leads, is to acquire persons who have shown interest in your offers,and basically want to receive your email messages.The top priority with purchased leads, is to establish a relationship as soon as possible, and to offer enough value,so that the recipient will want to continue receiving your information and offers.

Always make sure you find out what the recipient wants,even if you have to ask them that specific question. You do not want to have a shotgun approach to advertising products.You basically find a niche and concentrate and focus on that niche.

If you’re new to finding products,you can go to clickbank, and find products with a fairly high gravity in your niche. “Gravity” is the value assigned to a product, based on how well the product converts, and how many sales are made on that specific product.

I don’t want to go into all the Clickbank ramifications in this forum, however,if you wish I can offer a clickbank eBook in the “reports” page. Let me know,or we can cover Clickbank in a separate seminar.[fcassad@cpinternet.com]

Also we’ll talk more about how to write emails and some of the best email authors,in subsequent discussions.

I’ll need to sign off for now,but I’ll leave you with some very interesting words: We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Walt Disney

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