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The Band Played On

My colleague used to play in a brass band that performed in park bandstands. It was their policy to keep playing until every member of the audience had gone.
One wet afternoon, they played to a small group that gradually dwindled, except for one man who lingered. So the band played on. And on.
Eventually, the tuba player sidled over to the onlooker and politely asked him to leave so the band could go home.

“Actually,” said the man. “I was waiting for the music to finish so I could put the chairs away.”

Boomers Reading Content

make money at home

First,you want to make a decision on what type of eproduct you’d like to create.

Like an informational product or a how-to product.
An informational eBook for example, you could sell via Kindle.

A video series could be sold by you,or sold on, for example, Clickbank.

To sell it yourself, you obviously would need a Paypal Business Account that accepted payments.
copy and paste,

To compress your video file to send via email,simply right click the MP4 video file, click “Send to” , then click “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

home based business

Remember that some types of product formats may work better for certain topics and markets than others.

Some people prefer to read content while others prefer to watch it in video format.

But different groups of people do better at learning new material in various format, like a step by step tutorial in an eBook, others in video tutorials.

An example, would be boomers reading content and GenX watching videos.

Interestingly,you can repurpose your articles into several different eproducts.

Like a White Paper, an eBook, or a video, or video series.

An eBook created with the intention of being sold on ClickBank could also be sold on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and other platforms.

You could even use the same basic content to create a video series.

The two formats most commonly used by independent ebook authors are PDF and HTML, we’re concerned with pdfs.

There are two ways to convert artcles to pdfs. First, if the article is in Wordpad, simply convert it to MS Word.

Just right click the desktop icon,and “open with” MS Word.

Once converted just do a “save as”, and pulldown “save as file type”

home based biz

Pull that down and click pdf.

There’s also another very simple way to convert your WordPress article to pdf format is with the WP Plugin “printfriendly”.

To get the Plugin, just go to “add new” under Plugins in wp-admin and type printfriendly in the search box.

If you want to test an article go here and enter the URL.

Then download the pdf right to your desktop-this is very cool.

Keep in mind, these might better be described as White Papers.

Recall, the Kindle eBook requires formatting with page breaks,a preface,index,and a cover.

For more formatting info go here,

The cover you can get right in KDP.

There are other venues for your repurposed content ,an eBook could be converted into all of the following formats:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
An eBook sold through ClickBank
A video series sold through ClickBank
An audio series sold through ClickBank

copy and paste,

Create a KDP account here,

Format to upload to KDP is basically DOC/DOCX or PDF.

There’s also a Kindle texbook creator that is fantastic for formating your pdf that’ll convert right to a Kindle eBook without any additional formatting, that most the other document require.

Go here for a free download,copy and paste,


Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.
Wallace Stevens



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