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IMers know that WordPress is the best software to use to build a blog.

The reason for this is that it is relatively simple to use,and it’s a complete blogging and content management platform.

Recall,it is an “open source” software,which means that it’s gratis,and anyone from any part of the world,can work on it,enhancing it and add to it.

In addition, you can build a WordPress site for free, it’s the domain, hosting, and other amenities for which you must pay.

The open source blogging platform was started in 2003,but has evolved into a content management system,because of the evolution of plugins and widgets.

Basically,plugins and widgets allow the expanding capabilities of the platform.

Also, they allow significant designers of plugins and widgets to continually enhance the platform.

WordPress gives the website administrator significant control over the WP site, by way of the WP dashboard or admin.

However,like any software,there are significant quirks,and there can be mismatches and quirks in primarily the plugins,but also in the widgets.

So your site can get knocked down,but by a mismatched or quirky plugin or widget.

It’s really quite amazing that WordPress has been able to continually move the software forward,with the pervasive designers and disparate add-ons.

Obviously, one of the predominant issues is matching the release number of WordPress with the release number of the plugin or widget.

So you can have an older version of WP and a plugin engineered for the newest version.

Or conversely,you can have the newest version of WP and a plugin or widget engineered for an older version.

Normally the “detail” of the plugin or widget will give you the “Requires WordPress Version” e.g., 3.3 or higher;it will give the “Compatible up to”,e.g.,4.1;it will give you the “Downloaded” (how many times it been downloaded)

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Mismatches or quirks can be two of the main issues if your site fails.

Most of the time with a quirk or a mismatch,you’ll see the problem soon enough,as your site will behave differently.

You can obviously fix this by deleting the new add-on.

But what happens if you can’t access your site?

Well you’ll need to go to your WP C-Panel,go to: public_html/wp-content/plugins,find the offensive plugin,left click to highlight,right click for the pulldown,then double click delete.

home based business

Keep in mind,that a WP failure can also be caused by other issues, that are probably not nearly as common as a defective or mismatched plugin.

For example you can have corrupted files or a corrupted database.

So you need to regularly back up your blog.

There are several ways to do this,but one of the ways is to upload a backup-your-site WP plugin.

Obviously,you want to be able to recover quickly in the event of a server failure,or website code contamination.

In CPanel hosting, click Applications at the top of the CPanel,

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Sometimes a plugin can fail,after you’ve upgraded your version of WordPress,as it now becomes mismatched.

At that point,you either switch back to the earlier version of WordPress,or you methodically disable each plugin until you find the offender.

Remember you need to verify that you’ve a new backup of your site, before you upgrade to a newer version of WP.

There are several ways to troubleshoot,you can disable plugins one at a time and check for correct functionality, or you can disable all the plugins and check for functionality.

If you disable all the plugins,then you conversely enable each plugin back one at at time and check for proper functionality after the individual enable.

Once you find the corrupt or mismatched plugin,then obviously you’ll need to either update the plugin or get a substitute plugin.

WordPress can also look for database corruption,this is much more rare,but can happen.

If you are getting a “error establishing a database connection”,then you can add a line to your wp-config.php file:define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);
Once you have done that, you can see the settings by visiting this page:

WP can then automatically fix an issue.

There is also the possibility of repairing the database at, go to “databases” => MySQL Databases,there you’ll find the functionality to check or repair the database.

Heres a video showing how to delete the corrupted database and reinstall from

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