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Various Techniques

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Two strategies, sometimes referred to in the industry as growth hacks,are the Content Marketing and SEO.

These are marketing techniques you can use to more quickly increase your exposure and create a more personal clientele.

But SEO and Contenting Marketing comes with some internet marketing experience.

In the mean time,as you get a feel for your internet business progress and development,you’ll find yourself taking an approach of gradually increasing your online presense.

This is done by writing valuable articles and using search engine optimization or SEO, to raise your online position.

Content marketing works at the onset, because it allows fledgling affiliate marketers to advance their online affiliate business without a significant budget.

Social media also becomes an important affiliate marketing platform as IMers can advertise gratis and start the building process.

Content Marketing

Recall,Content Marketing means simply creating lots of value on your website by writing relevant high quality blog posts, articles and features.

Also, posting value-add videos and audios.

The objective is to brand yourself by giving people a reason to visit your site, offering relevant and important information.

Your content is what demonstrates your knowledge and becomes the way to make a statement.

As you build trust and authority,your name brand and website will be more known and visited.

As a result the products and services you recommend will be be taken more seriously by your audience.

Niche Authority

This establishing of niche authority and branding is what will eventually encourage people to sign up to your mailing list,and motivate other niche affiliates to work with you.

Establishing niche authority is what will help you raise the number of visitors you entertain per day.

From a pure SEO perspective,Google rewards blog posts of 2000 words or more, and the post must be unique .

Keep in mind,the long posts are SEO oriented and written for PageRank,shorter more value-add articles are better for your readership, your brand, and your company.

You basically brand with the shorter someting-to-say articles that can help others.

The longer more in depth article that the Google bot looks for establishes PageRank and/or SERP.

Both of which are SEO oriented. PageRank for niche keywords,and SERP for product and services keywords.

Social Media

Join social media sites as well, and make sure that you provide value before you add independent affiliate links.

Remember,the key to a viable affiliate marketing business is interaction,establishing trust,and gaining followers.

You know that as you add value consistently, and you gradually build an audience that trusts you,they will trust the products and services you promote.

As far as building interaction and trust, social media marketing is much like content marketing.


Pay per click advertising or PPC, is an internet advertising technique used to direct traffic to landing pages,sales pages, or websites,when a link is clicked in a PPC Advert.

The advertiser pays a publisher,like a website owner, PPC Ad network, or PPC Search network.

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are two huge PPC networks.

Adwords places your adverts alongside specific searches right on the Search Engine Results Pages or SERP,in the right-side column,top of page and bottom of page.

Facebook places adverts on the desktop news feed,right-hand column, mobile news feed, and the instagram mobile.

PPC is the most efficient internet marketing advertising technique relative to targeted traffic.

These are probably not good PPC advertising networks with which to start affiliate marketing PPC advertising.

make money at home- content marketing

The reason is that they’re too competitive and too expensive.

Here are some alternative PPC networks:
Bing , copy and paste,

Yahoo copy and paste,

Yahoo Gemini,copy and paste,

Adroll,copy and paste,

Recall,you want to find a target audience first before you develop,or find a product that’ll solves their issue.

PPC is the most effective  and quickest way to to get that audience to find your advert and click on your affiliate link.

This is because these customers are actively searching for the solution to their problem.

The PPC network is able to direct customers right to your advert.

As enquirers are interested in finding a solution to their problem,by purchasing your product or service,or signing up as a lead.

PPC is efficient,both from a conversion and cost perspective, because it directs only the people most likely to buy your product or service, or sign up as a lead.

PPC requires keywords and keyword phrases just like you use with content marketing and SEO.

The process requires that you bid on the keyword or keyword phrase.

The most popular and competitive keywords cost the most per click.

Your relative position depends on the bid you make based on the keyword or keyword phrase.

You target phrases for which only your potential buyers would search.

Let’s say you’re selling an ebook on weight loss, you might target phrases like:

weight loss pills
how to lose weight fast
weight loss supplements
weight loss programs
weight loss calculator
fast weight loss
weight loss foods

Also, use Google’s negative keywords’ tool to filter anyone who uses the term free in their search entry.


make money online -using keyword








Remember,the most significant,and free, keyword research tool is Google Keyword Planner.

Just go to Google Adwords,under “Tools” click “Keyword Planner”,Click the ▲ for “Search for new keywords using a phrase,website,or category”,then in the “Your product or service” box type your general keyword.

So you would type “weight loss”,go to the bottom of the page and click get ideas.

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