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Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-教师,talk about choosing Domain and Hosting and setting up a Web Site

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We’ll continue our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog with Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-教师,talk about choosing Domain and Hosting and setting up a Web Site.

When I started on the web, my site was hosted by the wrong hosting company.

This was very frustrating because my site would go down on Friday, and there was no one in their office until Monday morning.

I couldn’t get any relevant information. Also,I constantly had to worry about using excessive bandwidth for images.

I would tell them that I can’t add an image.and they would say that’s you’re problem,you are using too much bandwidth.

The fix was to go into “Media” and “Library” and delete as much as I possibly could, so I could free up bandwidth.

At the time, I thought this was the way you had to run your site to maintain it effectively.

It was actually much more difficult and time consuming, because I had to go into my Cpanel and delete all the redundant files of the same image.

If I deleted the image that was actually in use on my site,then I had to re-upload the image and reinstall it into my blog.

(Here’s the Cpanel Path: file manager=>home directory=>public_html=>wp content=>uploads=>2012,2013, etc.)

Keep this file path, because you can reach the “plugins”directory here as well.

This is important because you may have to delete a plugin from here, if you cannot reach your site,in the event of having downloaded a defective plugin.

At any rate for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog, if you are starting out or if you’re in a lousy hosting company, you need to get into a great company right away.

I went to Cassnethosting.com, a GoDaddy affiliated company,with whom I’ve not had any communication or bandwidth problems.

This is the initial internet marketing business or hobby website decision,and probably the most critical,because of the intolerable impact that an inferior hosting company can have on your site, not to mention your reputation, brand,your time and money.

At any rate, the initial decision will impact you, for your entire internet life,so be sure to do the required research.

Here are few good ideas, do the research before you go with a hosting company:

  •  Check the initial fees and monthly fees, as well as the cost of the domain,look for a free domain with hosting.
  •  How much data transfer or bandwidth,will be allowed each month.Look for “unlimited”. Bandwidth is related to the amount of http,https,and ftp traffic on your site.
  •  How much disk space is provided. This is data stored from mostly images and videos.This is one time limit,not monthy, and can be used up very quickly.If used up,you can’t add further images. You have to go into C-panel and delete all redundant images,which can be a rather laborious task.You can upgrade your plan to provide more disk space. You can see Cassnethosting provides unlimited diskspace ∞.
  • Be sure to find out all the features and databases of the website’s Control Panel,located in the host company’s server.
  •  Check to see if the hosting company has website analytic tools for traffic,e.g.,”awstats”.
  •  For eCommerce hosting, what is the level of security. Will you need to purchase a SSL certificate for credit card transactions, or is security included in the domain and hosting package.
  •  Are there built-in SEO tools.
  •  If you’re building your site,web design tools,templates, and support are critical.
  •  Technical support and availability are critical.Look for 24×7 and 365 day experienced support.
  •  Check the links and speed that serve the web host’s server. For example, are they gigabit fiber optic links.This will be a significant factor on which your site relies to load very quickly,as speed in loading becomes a predominant component as you start to gain visitors to your site.
  •  Be sure that the company has sufficient redundancy,with backup servers that are “pooled”,so if a server fails it will automatically shift to the backup. Be sure they have the best high-performance servers for faster web sites.
  •  Generally WordPress calls for a Linux Cpanel for your Hosting account.
  •  A one second delay in your website page load time can cause a 7% more visitors leaving the site immediately. Check to be sure the hosting company has a top rated page load time. (hosting)
business webhosting,small business web hosting
business webhosting,small business web hosting

Take a look at the Cassnethosting Ultimate Plan below. (CassNetUltimate)

 Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog,business web hosting, small business web hosting

Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog (click pic to go directly to hosting page) business web hosting, small business web hosting

Furthermore for thia Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog,a fixed IP for Internet Protocol, is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account.

Several hosting accounts usually reside on a single server,and share that server’s IP addresses.

Dedicated IP addresses are usually used for SSL-encrypted secure websites and particularly heavy traffic sites.

If you opt for a basic hosting plan,you’ll be on a shared server and have no need for a dedicated IP address.

You’re assigned an ip address by the router,by a process called NAT or network address translation.

Secure Sockets Layer or commonly SSL, is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private.

SSL is an industry standard secured link, and is used by millions of websites ,especially ecommerce sites ,for the protection of their online monetary transactions.

Keep in mind for our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog,the above Cassnethosting Ultimate plan is oriented to larger site developers that create websites with Dreamweaver and WYS/WYG applications.

The WordPress Ultimate hosting plan has more limitations for bandwidth requirements, but is still one of the very best plans offered on the web. Take a look at the WordPress plan: (CassNet WP)

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog,business web hosting, small business web hosting
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog(click pic for direct page to WP hosting),business web hosting, small business web hosting

The 30GB SSD drive is for speed so your site will load extremely fast. This is why the particular piece is emphasized in the package.

Security is very important now in the hosting plans, as you can see above the plan includes malware scanning and removal by the dedicated WordPress Server.

Also the free-for-one -year SSL certificate.

The included SEO plugin is the All In One SEO Pack, probably the best SEO plugin in the industry.

I’d mentioned this before for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog,if you’re a newbie you can go to a free hosting site and build a website for practice.

However,that is a bit of an antiquated practice. I’d done that before I built Frassadys.com and Frassadys.net.

Now Cassnethosting.com,a GoDaddy partner, can build a WP site very easily,as the software will prompt you though a WordPress site build.

The beautiful thing about managed WordPress is that Cassnethosting will manage your setup,backups, and security,so you don’t have to worry about that as you build an online business.

One rule-of-thumb when you initiate the building of an online business, be sure to always talk with the representatives of the company, the sales people, and the technical people.

This is to get a feel for the people with whom you’ll be working in the near future and the long term.

In addition for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog,If you visit Cassnethosting you’ll see the phone number right on the website’s header.

Call it and speak with the Sales and Support Staff or Skype me at francis.cassady.

Be sure that those people you talk to meet the professional expectations you envision of the long term hosting company upon which you’ll need to depend.

I’ll need to put a wrap on this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-教师,talk about choosing Domain and Hosting and setting up a Web Site, but since its memorial day,I’ll leave you a great thought:
Memorial Day isn’t just about honoring veterans, its honoring those who lost their lives. Veterans had the fortune of coming home. For us, that’s a reminder of when we come home we still have a responsibility to serve. It’s a continuation of service that honors our country and those who fell defending it. Pete Hegseth



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