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Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog Recommended Product-EasyWebinar

There is one thing…

One thing that has hands down been voted
across the board by industry leaders like
Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield, Lewis Howes,
Mari Smith, John Lee Dumas as being the
most effective selling and engagement
tool on the planet.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog Recommended Product-EasyWebinar (click pic )
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog Recommended Product-EasyWebinar (click pic )

What? Webinars and Online Events!

Webinars have been proven to build a
deeper engagement with your audience,
position you as the expert and sell high
ticket prices more than anything
else on the market.

But the problem is that there isn’t an All-in-one
solution that encompasses all of the best
types of webinars/events that businesses crave
to bring in more engaged leads and consistent

That is until now…

You may have been hearing the buzz of an all-in-one
webinar/event software that’s just opened it’s doors!

It is truly revolutionary, allowing you to do
all different types of events.

  • Live events
  • Automated events
  • Online Summits
  • Weekly WebShows

and more.

Check it out here

With EasyWebinar you can say goodbye
to GoToWebinar which charges 6k a year
and limits you to only 1000 attendees.

With EasyWebinar you can run unlimited live
events to unlimited attendees.

You can also say goodbye to any
Automated Webinar platform that
you have which might be costing
you a pretty penny!!

EasyWebinar is all in one…
it literally does it all!

And the beautiful thing about
EasyWebinar is that you can
go from a Live event to an Automated
event with just a couple clicks!

EasyWebinar just opened the cart for their newest version
(EW4.0), which sells for a yearly payment

However during this 8 day launch window,
you can get it for a one time payment for life. 

Go here Now!

What can you do right now?

Click Here to see If EasyWebinar is right for you.

Then while on the page, take advantage of
listening to people just like you who are using EasyWebinar in their business
to run their live events, automated events, online schools,
tv networks and more!

Click here to check out EasyWebinar yourself!

Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-Recommended Product-CurationSoft

As a blogger your biggest challenge is to generate refreshing and popular content,
post after post after post. It gets tiring and soon you hit a block.

There is only so much original content that you can put out.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog Recommended  Product-CurationSoft
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog Recommended Product-CurationSoft (Click Pic)

Now with CurationSoft
you can churn out enriched, refreshing and Google-friendly content by curating
the best content from 18 major sources such as facebook, Google, Wikipedia,
Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
Checkout more details on CurationSoft here

With a user base of over 18,500, users of CurationSoft have reported increase in traffic,
huge savings in time, improved Google rankings and financial upside

With content being the lifeblood of a blog and time being your most perishable
commodity, these benefits are priceless. CurationSoft makers believe a blogger
can save over $2000 in a six-month period.

The benefits are also quantified for you to see.
I know they will raise the price of this wonderful tool very soon,
so grab it here for $47 while you can.

Frassadys’ Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter-“Do you Blog?Yes I Blog! What do you Blog? The very best Webcopy I can! Make it Great! Well ok then!”

We’re into February,my goodness,here’s Frassadys’Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter-“Do you Blog?Yes I Blog! What do you Blog? The very best Webcopy I can! Make it Great! Well ok then!”.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter (Click Pic for Free MOBE Video)

As a writer or blogger,the internet’s term for article writer,we are always looking for new,interesting,informative webcopy.

We can write for social media,forums,article writing sites,but your blog remains your predominate focus,because your website represents who you are.

Sure you incorporate the rules into your webcopy,we all know that your blog must go through these steps:

  • Planning
  • Drafting
  • Redrafting
  • Editing

If you don’t follow these rules of writing,you’ll surely run into editing errors and clumsy sentences.

Obviously perfection never comes,but you focus on webcopy and putting yourself into it.

I believe you understand that the very nature of blogging is to be informal. However even if informal,you still obey the rules of spelling and grammar.

This is because enquirers, and returning enquirers,heavily scrutinize your website. Moreover for our Frassadys’Make Money Online 20415 Newsletter,your webcopy represents you,and your personality,as visitors come to your site,come back to your site.

This says a heck of a lot concerning not only the rules above which I’d bulleted,but also the research from which you draw relevant information.

And you know that you’ve done the research, the redrafting,the editing,because this is you the person,the author,this blog is full of your disparate personality.

In the world of the Internet and blogging,here’s a few things to keep in mind as you entertain and hopefully guide and teach your audience.

First,you need a compelling blog,you’ll need to add humor,be provocative,add color, and most important be yourself.

Be sure that you give your enquirer a reason to stay on your website.Second, you always try to differentiate yourself, your blog and your brand from others in your niche.

You always need to write with lucidity,but the things that make you stand out among other bloggers,among competitors, are key to developing your blog.

And the way you differentiate yourself? Yah that’s right,your article writing composition. You must understand this differentiation,once you understand this,your enquirers will follow suit.

Third,engagement is great,but get the visitor in and out, because that is the nature of today’s weblog visitors. This is why bloggers use bullets and summaries.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter (Click Pic for MOBE Video)

In addition for this Frassadys’Make Money Online 20415 Newsletter, website bloggers must be particularly attentive to a generation of internet consumers who expect instant gratification and very quick fixes.

Keep in mind the very rapid development of portable devices that can access the internet virtually anywhere.

This is great for websites and bloggers,as it means their audience is not only growing with each smart phone and tablet advance, but their site is also reachable 24/7.

However,there’s a inverse relationship between technological advancement and attention span.

Fourth,you’ll need to give detailed descriptions of your products and services. Obviously, the best way to give great detail very quickly is by images, and better yet,videos.

Keep in mind though for our Frassadys’Make Money Online 20415 Newsletter,that you still need to write about your products and services,because the search engine’s bot will walk your site for keywords,the analysis of which is used for SERP position and page rank.

Moreover, always label your pictures and videos with your relevant keywords,as the search engine bot always weighs the “caption” and “description” for relevant keywords.

You can give quick detail with a picture or video, but to convey understanding and perspective,you have to write a blog.

Fifth, bear in mind webcopy rule number four edit your blog- by following you’ll have a flawless presentation that’ll convey authority.

There can be no grammatical errors,no spelling errors,and you need good punctuation,to make reading as unambiguous and easy as possible.

Remember webcopy is essentially the personality of your weblog,and represents the fundamental architecture of your site.

Ok I’ll need to wrap my Frassadys’ Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter,but if you’re interested in checking out how a dead-broke stand-up comic turned a simple joke formula into a million dollar sales hook,and how you can use it to skyrocket your conversions go here now.

Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!

I’ll continue Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter with Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!.

Sometimes you neglect your social media platform fan page,because the time and extra work to put content into it.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter (Click pic for a free MOBE Video)

Yes, a social media advertising budget can be prohibitive. Do not blindly do page boosts or post boosts without going over,several times if necessary, the mechanics of installing an advert (boost) on Facebook for example.


Keep in mind, that for social promotions and brand imaging,you’ll need to incorporate at least the predominant social media into your marketing plan.

If you focus on your website only, then you’ll have regressed social media sites.

Be sure to install a social media widget or plugin that will lend itself to social media advertising,by installing a video or blog post directly into the predomiate social media sites.

Obviously,you need to progress the social media sites just as you progress your website.

( If you have a WordPress blog,the plugin I use is called Kebo Social,but obviously you can search for another that’ll benefit you more.)

If you have  significant customers or in Facebook “likes” , in Google plus “followers” or “views”, and on Twitter “followers”,you’ll need to keep current content on the respective page.

If not you run the risk of not having visitors come back,as they think you’re no longer in business,or no longer managing that specific page.

So for our Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter,try to keep up, the good piece relative to social media content,is that if you can update one,you can update everyone,as different fan pages will have different viewers and different group of viewers.

Let’s imagine that you can only manage one social media platform. Which platform would be the most amicable to your online business?

Obviously,Twitter would be the easiest to update,because you never have to go to your Twitter site.

On the other hand,you’d need to ask the most significant and relevant question:What drives enquirers or customers to your site?

I believe you’d need a Facebook fan page if your product or services needed images or even Google plus.

Your decision will also be based on whether your marketing is real time,like Amazon products.

Furthermore for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter,be sure to know whether your company B2B or B2C,or a combination?

If you are an affiliate marketer for Amazon, having a Facebook account set up where you can share links with product pictures might be the correct social media marketing strategy.

Twitter is more of a real time social media. This is why blogging and happening-now feelings and quotes works so well with Twitter.

Twitter just recently started “Twitter Groups”,you can use Direct Messages to speak privately with a group of up to 20 people.

The group function lets you start conversations with any of your followers,and they can be any of your followers,up to the magic number of 20.

People on Twitter will soon be able to seamlessly capture, edit and share videos right from the Twitter app.

( Take a look at https://blog.twitter.com/2015/now-on-twitter-group-direct-messages-and-mobile-video-capture).

Now to market yourself or your brand,you’ll need to build relationships on linkedIn. LinkedIn is the ultimate online social networking platform.

Here you can find the decision makers for medium and larger companies. So if you were in the software selling business,software that can benefit a company,you have a significant listening audience with the LinkedIn professionals.

And Pinterest already launched Promoted Pins in December 2014 which is a significant advert product.

This new marketing,called “intent” marketing for this social media platform,based on the fact users bookmark item pins which their interested in purchasing.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter-
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter-


The ads had only been demographically targeted before,but obviously Pinterest has taken a note from other social media platforms,and are targeting enquirers’ “likes” and pins.

Google Plus is an important social media platform,with over 600 million active world wide users,Google+ has the multimedia capability of Facebook,and is not as stringent,relative to installing links with your adverts.

Furthermore for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter, Google+ has much more leverage relative to SEO rankings,as Google search will advantage and prioritize your pagerank in SERP,after having established yourself or brand in a Google Plus page.

And I believe you’re aware that videos are also facilitated,especially YouTube Videos,as Google owns YouTube.

Obviously, you want to emphasize the social media platform from which the majority of your traffic is coming.

Keep in mind however,that you can update the social media sites automatically with a WordPress plugin.

You can even manually update the social platforms quite easily now, as the social platforms have evolved,and are still evolving,to make posting quite transparent and easy to do.

Ok I’ll need to wrap this week’s Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!, however,If you’re looking for a powerful software WordPress tool that tracks your social media metrics including Twitter,Facebook, Google+, Pintrest & more, then you’ll need to check out Social Metrics Pro. Go Here Now 
¹ http://frassadys.com/make-money-online-%D1%83%D1%87%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BBtalk-more-about-placing-a-facebook-ad/
² http://frassadys.com/make-money-online-insegnantetell-us-more-about-facebook-marketing-and-methods/


Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-Tenaga Pengajar,You Were Going to Continue Talking About Blogging…

That’s right anak murid we’ll continue with Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-Tenaga Pengajar,You Were Going to Continue Talking About Blogging… .Recall from the previous seminar [take a look at:MAKE MONEY ONLINE HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE ครู-A LITTLE MORE ABOUT BLOGGING AS AN INTERNET MARKETING TOOL PLEASE!¹]we’d talked about WordPress, writing your first blog and the essential plugins and widgets.

We’d discussed the “all in one seo pack”,that has all of the rudimentary tools,upon which the search engine bot relies for evaluating your blog for search engine page positioning.Also, the most significant gratis spam filter,called “Akismet”.

make money online,how to make money online
make money online,how to make money online


The ” XML Sitemap” is included in the all in one seo plugin,but keep in mind that there is also a “XML Sitemap”,included in the “settings” software for WordPress 4.1.

This is just a heads-up so you can avoid any potential conflict between the two.I’ve got them both running,and I’ve not had an issue.The “Top Commentator” widget is important for blog interactions,as it encourages visitors to comment on your blog posts.

We also talked about the WordPress themes,named after the year, from 2010 -2015.In addition for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blogging seminar,you can add a “new” themes by clicking “add new”,you can choose from “Featured”,”Popular”,or “Latest”.

There are “mobile” themes as well as “premium” themes.Always, click “preview” before you permanently activate a new theme.

Ok anak murid,so how do you get your blog on Google. First. go to google.com/webmasters. Keep in mind,you’ll need a gmail.com account. [ Go to https://accounts.google.com/SignUp].


So at the Webmasters’ site you’ll tell Google you have a blog. [If you don’t have a blog,go to www.cassnethosting.com sign up for hosting and register a free domain.

One of the easiest and sometimes best,if you can write or have someone write for you,is just use your name,I believe that would be unique enough.So now click “add site”, and enter your blog’s URL.

You’ll have to put a small piece of code on your site,so the Google bot will index your blog and site within 24 hours.

Remember for our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blogging forum,when you install a widget, or a piece of html code,go to “Available Widgets”,find the “Text” box titled “Arbitrary text or HTML”,left click the box and slide to where you wish to place the HTML code.

It can be in the “primary Sidebar” or in the “Content Sidebar” or the “Footer Widget Area”.Obviously, non-advert code should be placed in an unobtrusive area.So the Footer area is a good pace for permanent HTML code.Google ping code is also placed in this footer area.²

If you look up in the WordPress forum where to place the webmasters’ code, it’ll advise you to: Edit header.php and add the meta tag provided by Google on a new line anywhere after the <head> tag and before the </head> tag.

make money online,how to make money online
make money online,how to make money online

To get there you need to go to “Appearance”=>”editor”,on the right side of the code you’ll see categories, so you click the “Header” “(header.php)” category to take you right to header.php.

Recall for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blogging symposium, that the XML Sitemap tells Google and the other major and minor search engines,about each page on your site.

The robots.txt file tells Google what not to index.Recall the robots.txt file is also a file located within the “all in one seo” plugin.I’ve never done any advanced configuration of the file,so I’ve alway used the default file.

So why do you need robots.txt Tenaga Pengajar? The reason is because your blog contain several redundant but very functional pages.These pages are needed for the overall functionality of your site.

The redundant pages include backup archives, trackback,your site’s RSS “feed”, and several others.This makes the job of the search engine bot much easier,and this will make your website assessment devoid of penalties,and thus a higher search engine page rank.

By the way,below I’ll include the URL to answer this important question concerning blogs: How Do I Ping My Website To All Major Search Engines And Directories?³

This site will also provide you with a free backlink maker called “IM.org Backlink Supercharger”. At any rate for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blogging huddle, you do not want any kind of duplication of your value-add blog posts,and the WordPress tool used to prevent duplication is the robots.txt file.

This is the highly-welcomed new WordPress technology,because back in the day,you would have needed to be skilled at coding to engineer the robots.txt file.

Today however,the robots.txt file comes with the all in one seo plugin.Also, the all in one seo plugin,will optimize your Meta tags. Don’t be to concerned about this technical term,because the plugin functionality will administer the Meta tags.

However to give you an understanding of the term, search engine bots communicate in HTML, the code language used by WordPress,”meta” is a technical term used in HTML communication.⁴

I don’t believe you need an in-depth understanding to be a successful webmaster,on the other hand, the more you know about coding,the better off you are in the internet marketing world.

Anyway for our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blogging discussion, the only real concern about the all in one seo configuration is under “General Settings”,all of the defaults are applicable,so you won’t have to worry about checking the correct boxes for meta tags.

However,you’ll need to configure the “Home Page Settings”,which includes the “HomeTitle”, the “Home Description” and the “Home Keywords”.⁵

I’ll include here semper plugins description of the Home Title:”The Home Title is the SEO Meta Title for the home page on your site. The Meta Title of your Home Page will appear in the top of the browser and in the source of your home page between the <title> tags.

“This is the title that the search engines will display in their search results as the link to your site so it’s important to keep this simple (60 characters or less) and relevant. Whatever you enter in this field is output directly to the source code of your home page.

“It is used regardless of whether you are displaying the latest blog posts on your home page or have a static home page (controlled under Settings, Reading in the main WordPress menu).”

This description is so relevant to our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blogging seminar, we’ll include it here,for the detail on “Home Description” and “Home Keywords” go to their site with the link I provided.

I’d bought an expensive keyword research tool when I started,from Internet Income University,however, there are several free versions now,and I’ll include the links below.⁶

Here are the best gratis sites:SEOBook,Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, and semrush. Basically,you look for well-enquired log-tailed keywords,with 1000 to 4000 searches per month that are not too competitive.

If you’re an experienced marketer,you are well aware of that,if you are relatively new to online advertising,you can get a feel for keyword research fairly quickly.

We’ll dedicate another seminar on keyword research,especially related to PPC advertising. Take a look at : MAKE MONEY ONLINE-ÖĞRETMEN,CAN WE REVISIT PPC ADVERTISING,AS IT’S A PRINCIPAL ADVERTISING TECHNIQUE?⁷

Ok lets summarize the significant points toward which you need to orient your blog:

  • get the enquirer involved with value-add material
  • establish an online relationship- connect on a human level
  • establish your authority, but be relatable even vulnerable.
  • offer real solutions to real problems

You can add pop up boxes when an enquirer leaves your site,”optin monster” is highly recommended,as well as the WordPress plugin “optin revolution”.

Both programs use AWeber,but they’ll work with other email autoresponders.If you wish to sign up for AWeber,one of the top email autoresponders, just click AWeber.

make money online,how to make money online
make money online,how to make money online


The marketers who’ve been in this internet marketing for a while,know you need to incentivize your email optin, and you generally do this by offering a “gift”,or something free in exchange for an email address.

Keep in mind that social media advertising has taken on emphasis, but building a list is still fundamental to internet marketing,the blog is an essential tool to help build this email list.

Finally,establish that social media presence and be sure to establish yourself on Twitter,You Tube,Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus.

So the blogger always delivers value,is consistent,develops the brand,knows when to outsource,and is sure to be serious about your  business development.

Ok anak murid ,we’ll have to put a wrap on this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-Tenaga Pengajar,You Were Going to Continue Talking About Blogging… seminar,but I’d like to leave you with some valuable words to think about: If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. And if you run full speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race. Oprah Winfrey

Francis Cassady's Blog make money online,how to make money online
Francis Cassady’s Blog
make money online,how to make money online

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healthy diet plan, healthy weight loss
make money online,how to make money online

¹ http://frassadys.com/make-money-online-how-to-make-money-online-%E0%B8%84%E0%B8%A3%E0%B8%B9-a-little-more-about-blogging-as-an-internet-marketing-tool-please/

² <p align=”center”><a href=”http://googleping.com/” title=”Ping your website with GooglePing.com”><img src=”http://googleping.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/logo.png” alt=”Google Ping” title=”Ping”></a><br />Ping your website to over 100 ping services.</p></center>

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