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Frassadys Home Base Biz Blog-10 Quick Tips on How to Generate Website Traffic from Yahoo Answers

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10 Quick Tips on How to Generate Website Traffic from Yahoo Answers

generate traffic
generate traffic



Yahoo Answers is the 100th most visited website in the world and just imagine how much you could benefit if you’re able to use the popularity of Yahoo Answers to generate traffic for your website and offerings.

Sounds impossible? I’ll show you  how  with these  simple steps.

1) Create a Yahoo account that’s very close or exactly the same with your website’s domain name. If your website’s URL is, for example, www.mywebsite.com then find a way to create a Yahoo username similar to that.

If that domain is not available then perhaps, you could try a slight variation or some other similar variation?

As you go on using Yahoo answers, people will find it easier to remember your website because it’s close to your username. Continue reading Frassadys Home Base Biz Blog-10 Quick Tips on How to Generate Website Traffic from Yahoo Answers

Stop Wasting Your Google Adwords Money Now


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Stop Wasting Your Google Adwords Money Now



If you’re interested in making money online, you are probably looking for ways to drive traffic to your blog, your web site, or other online offers you are going to promote.

One of the most reliable methods to find targeted traffic and bring it to your online site is through a popular method called pay-per-click marketing.

In pay-per-click ,or commonly PPC programs, advertisers pay a planned rate for each person who clicks on their ad.

These rates are usually set through a bidding process, with the highest bidder getting the best placement. Continue reading Stop Wasting Your Google Adwords Money Now

Copy, Paste, Promote,Rinse and Repeat

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Copy, Paste, Promote,Rinse and Repeat





How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
How do you build an online business? Copy. Paste. Promote. Repeat.

I really hate using the first expression because I LOVE elephants but to make a point sometimes you have to be blunt.

This blog is meant to be direct and maybe make you a little irritated so you will REACT.

A reaction is better than nothing. Hopefully that irritation leads to a reaction which leads to an action. Continue reading Copy, Paste, Promote,Rinse and Repeat

Eight Reasons to Join MoneyLine

Eight Reasons to Join MoneyLine

MoneyLine-Hurry! Get In Line



1) MoneyLine is a very new concept in online advertising as thousands per day are joining the Global MoneyLine Site.

2) Basically you’re building a list as the hundreds and thousands who join free behind you are in your “MoneyLine”.

3) Right at the moment I’ve got 97,000 behind me in my line. You can communicate with one person at a time as a “prospect”.

4) You move to “Bronze” member for $20.00 one time charge. Here you can email your “downline” 20 at a time.

5) As you go further into Moneyline,you can go to Silver,Gold,and Platinum. The members you can email increments at each level. For example,Silver will get you 50 downline members to email,Gold 100,and Platinum 250.

6) All the people who join after you remain in your downline.

7) So you keep emailing your website or offer until you’ve emailed everyone in your downline, but your downline keeps growing.

8) As a recruiter for Moneyline you can earn $20 for each Bronze member you recruit.

Go here now for the MoneyLine Video explaining this further=>>> https://goo.gl/YgzSm1

Hurry join free now don’t miss this opportunity to get in line=>> https://goo.gl/yTKxYA

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How LeadsLeap Works

How LeadsLeap Works

LeadsLeap is a hybrid system. It combines paid-to-click, traffic exchange, leads building and contextual advertising into one system.

  • pays you to view ads.
  • As you visit other members’ websites, you will also get traffic to your own website.
  • You can build 10 levels of free leads that you can reach out to unobtrusively.
  • You can have your ad shown in thousands of other websites and get non-members traffic.

Continue reading How LeadsLeap Works