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Make Money at Home-Do You Think Email is Becoming Less Prevalent ?

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Do You Think Email is Becoming Less Prevalent ?


make money at home
make money at home

As marketers you continually hear about the stagnation in email. Do you think there’s a declination in the use of email by the general public?

A couple of interesting pieces to keep in mind. First,some of generations Y and and most of generation Z probably use texting and social media before they even look at an email.

Although when working at a 9 to 5,obviously,they must have an email account and open emails.

Most Mature/Silents or people over 68 do not a clue about email.
One important fact to keep in mind,if you’re an email marketer,is that 43% of email recipients click the delete button based on the email from an unknown name,or if from an unknown email address. Continue reading Make Money at Home-Do You Think Email is Becoming Less Prevalent ?

Several Disciplines

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Several Disciplines



Keep in mind, that SEO now incorporates several disciplines in which you’ll need to be proficient,or hire someone who is proficient.

Recall, that the duty of SEO,in all niches, is to educate others about your products and services.

You basically assume a leadership position in your niche,with the responsibility to educate others relative to your products and services.

Whether your a team leader with other SEO managers on your team,or your an individual web site owner,you’ll need all the tools associated with SEO Continue reading Several Disciplines

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