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make money online-учител,Talk more about placing a Facebook ad !

Let’s continue our how to make money online series of talks with make money online-учител,Talk more about placing a Facebook ad !,as we’ll need to look at how to create a “status update” on your fanpage, which will create clicks to a specified offer.

Keep in mind ученици,that the switch to the social advertising media has significant differences from SEO and PPC. In SEO you need to create significant value, to your blog,as you strive for page postion on search engines. Especially in B2B commentary,albeit,the B2C blog tends to be more socially oriented commentary.

(See Frassady’s audio: Frassadys’make money online audio-differences between B2B and B2C Blogs).

PPC is direct advertising,and once your keywords have been properly researched,marketers bid on keywords or phrases,pertinent to their target market.Ad placement position is based on the strength of your bid. Facebook has a similar bidding algorithm that the search engines use,but this algorithm is based on the social following by persons in Facebook audiences,and the audience response will dictate the actual cost per click or CPC.

make money online MOBE's Traffic Masters Academy
make money online MOBE’s Traffic Masters Academy

So basically for this make money online Facebook advertising forum,you set the CPC to establish page position in the PPC system,but in social network advertising,social following and response rate sets the CPC-unless you set the CPC “manually”.You’ll see that email marketing’s concept of split-testing is also carried over into Facebook’s social advertising algorithm.

So keep in mind,that as you develop your fan page (take a look at: Make Money Online – Insegnante,Tell us more about Facebook Marketing and Methods),you concentrate on getting likes,and adding interesting social media,like pictures of your family,what you are all about as a person.We discussed getting likes in the above blog post,but you can also get likes,by joining groups that are in your niche,and then posting in those group pages.

So obviously the internet marketer is not only interested in social awareness and online social interaction,but also marketing their offers.You do this with a “status update”.So, if I’m marketing Matt Lloyd’s MOBE,and I want to invite inquirers to a webinar,I would write a post called a status update on my fan page,with a link (to the webinar) at the top of the update.

Another concept borrowed from email marketing.Recollect the dictum: “keep the link above the fold”?So what the ad will talk about is callled the “page post engagement” ad. Recall for our make money online Facebook advertising seminar,that any images that are installed in the Facebook News feed or the Mobile News feed,must be less than 20% text.

The Right Hand Column ad is exempt from this rule. So i’ll create a status update,and I’ve talked about MOBE,and given a link to Matt Lloyd’s webinar,in the upper part of the update. Now go to the Ad Manager=>my ad account=>create new ad=>click “page post engagement” and then =>add your fan page=> now i’ll find my Matt Lloyd status update and click on that.

Now in “Ad Preview and Placements” remove from the “Desktop News Feed” and remove from the “Mobile News Feed”.So your ad will be placed in the “Right Hand Column”. Leave “Text and Links” blank.The “Tracking Pixel” is a bit more advanced, but go here to learn how to get the snippet of code: https://www.facebook.com/help/435189689870514/.

You do not need to install this now. Next for our make money online Facebook advertising symposium, fill in the “Audience”. “Country” select US; note,for a different Country you’ll need to create a separate ad.Select your “Age Range”,i’ll put 24 to 67.Select “Gender”,based on your offer,so i’ll put M and F.”Language” is English and “More Demographics”,you’ll choose the demographic that fits your offer.

The more specific the smaller the reach.Skip “interests” and “behaviors”. Facebook’s algorithm will help get page views,as only a small percentage of your fans will visit for a status update.Now under “Connections” check “only people connected to your fan page”.

The ad “name” would be Frassadys and MOBE webinar Page Post engagement ad.The “set name”is “target fans” to which you can add the location of the ad,so mark as “Desktop Newsfeed”.Remember you’ll always have the three locations for each ad, so specify each location for your reference.

Under “Pricing” set your daily budget,i’ll set for $5.00/day.Then check “run my ad continuously starting today”. You can also set a start and stop date and time.Under “Bidding” choose “optimize for clicks”. This is where the Facebook algorithm works: click “Automatically optimize your bid to get more clicks”. The CPC will be higher, but this will be more efficient,and you’ll get more targeted traffic.

If need be,you can “manually set your maximum bid for clicks” (CPC),the bid range is between .26 and .65 cents per click.However keep in mind for our make money online Facebook advertising discussion, that the clicks will include clicking the “likes”,and clicking the “see more….”,as well as the actual link to the offer. Bear in mind that Facebook advertising, like other forms of advertising requires significant testing.

Now “Place Order”,then “create a similar ad”,add to the “Mobile News Feed” and remove from the “Desktop News Feed”. Leave everything the same, “place order” => “create a similar ad” =>add to the “Right Hand Column” and remove from the “Mobile News Feed”.Now we have 3 page post engagement ads: The Right Hand Column, the Mobile News Feed, and the Desktop News Feed.

So you’ll rename each with the appropriate suffix. So the page post engagement ad will be Frassadys and MOBE webinar-RHC,Frassadys and MOBE webinar-MNF,Frassadys and MOBE webinar-DTN.

Now we want to get outside our own sphere of influence and capture inquirers from another well known person,obviously with a large following.So we create another ad in the same Campaign.

So for our make money online Facebook advertising huddle,”create ad in Campaign”=>select your fan page=> then select your status update or post.”Audience”=> Remove from Mobile News Feed and remove from Right hand Column,so you’ll be creating for the Desktop News Feed.

Go through the ad particulars and set: Location, Age Range,Gender,Language,and Interests. Under “Interests” think of who’d be interested in your offer. For MOBE, I could target affiliate marketers, and just about any type of online marketers,also newbies and persons looking to make money online.You can also target persons who you know will command a large audience.

Be sure the audience meter is over 75,000 persons.But only target one prominent person,as to split test,you’ll need to come back and install a second ad.So I could start with Frank Kern in the internet marketing realm. If I wanted a much larger audience I could go with say Zig Ziglar or Nick Vujicic.These inspirational speakers would command a large audience.

Remember however,only one at a time, to gauge the CTR,or the amount of clicks you receive. So for our make money online Facebook advertising powwow, if the Zig Ziglar audience is not clicking, the CPC will go up.Target the “more demographics” option appropriately to your audience.Be aware that most of the options are available only in the US.

At “Connections” click “only people not connected to your name”. Recall our first ad in the campaign was targeted to fans.The Campaign name is the same. The ad set name is the suffix of country and age:”US 24-67″- Kern.So the audience is the person’s audience to whom you’re pointed in this ad set,in this case Kern,unless you opt for Ziglar or Vujicic.

Set $5.00 per day and “run ad continuously starting today”. “Bidding”,click “automatically optimize your bid to get more clicks”. “Place Order=> Create a similar ad=>add Mobile News Feed=>remove Desktop News Feed=>”Place Order”=> Create a similar ad=> add to Right Hand Column=> remove from Mobile News Feed=>”Place Order”=>”continue”.

Check your new three ads under this campaign and rename with the appropriate suffix.

Ok ученици,i’ll need to put a wrap on this make money online-учител,Talk more about placing a Facebook ad !, but we’ll talk more about Facebook Advertising in future blogs.Recall we’ll need to discuss website conversions,clicks to website,events and offers. I’ll leave you with an interesting thought though: If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. Thomas A. Edison

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Frassadys’ make money online 100814 Newsletter-Social Media and The Ice Bucket Challenge

We’ll look at Frassadys make money online 100814 Newsletter-Social Media and The Ice Bucket Challenge.

So now that the ice bucket challenge rage has diminished, and we’ve had some time to think about it,we review the non-stop videos of our families and friends,Minnesota Viking football announcer,Bill Gates,Jennifer Lopez,Oprah, Jimmy Fallon,Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest,Chris Christie,and Steven Spielberg,all taking the Challenge.

You get the picture the list of friends and celebrities ad infinitum, but besides raising significant cash for the ALS Association, (an absolutely noble charitable social networking strategy), what can we as network marketers/social networkers make from this faddish pervasive social episode?

As any successful internet marketer can tell you, everything that happens on social media is related to marketing, whether we like what we see or even if we don’t want to see it,it’s always there in front of us.

Like the ubiquitous and ridiculous TV commercials.Although ridiculous from a marketers perspective, it is very definitely not a bad thing,in fact, it’s probably a good thing.

So even if you think the ice bucket challenge is irrelevant from a marketer’s perspective,I believe you’ll see it differently.So for our make money online Frassadys’ Newsletter,what are the key points here from a marketer’s point of view?

The first is virality,you probably know what that means,but for emphasis that me define it:”The tendency of an image, video, or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another; the quality or fact of being viral”. So the keys to going viral?

Obviously participation,but how do you get participation? Remember people want to participate in online/offline social networking events.So first,the social marketing event must be original and unique.

Second, it needs to be simple with very low participation impediments (little cost).Third,but this might be the most important,the cause is noble,cool,(in this “Challenge” literally as well as figuratively),and demonstrative.

So everyone sees the nobility,as it encouraged people to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.

So for our make money online Frassadys’ Newsletter,the uniqueness and simplicity really caused it to go viral.It was very exclusive and there was no cost, if you had water,ice,a bucket,and a cell phone.

What if you receive a phone call from a fast-talking person who wants a pledge and a check to a particular charity? Do we not already give to several charities? What if the ALS Association sent out a form that had to be filled out and sent in?

You get the picture:throw in some forms to fill out, specific sites to which you upload the videos,or an entry fee and the ice bucket challenge is a abject bust.

The “challenge” was the motivator, especially with the ALS charity in the back of people’s minds.You get called by a friend or relative in Facebook,for example, and you are now basically committed.

The peer pressure phenomenon. So what are we to learn from all this? Well, the initiator doesn’t spread the idea, the persons through their own volition spread the idea,for the reasons above which we’d discussed.

So for our make money online Frassadys’ Newsletter,the reasons-of-participation are the catalysts that disseminate the social networking event.I believe you’ve seen the time factor incorporated into offers,this introduces a sense of urgency.

So you’ll see a countdown timer on squeeze pages.How did the “challenge” utilize this concept? Urgency was created through the issuing of the challenge to a friend, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge or you have to donate $100 to the ALS Association.

Now, you’ve handed the recipient a sense of urgency,and an implicit commitment to share in the burden of giving to that noble cause,even though the commitment was established to forgive the $100.00 “debt” because of the action taken.

And the “challenge” videos produced to avoid the donation debt? Why are people enjoying them so much? Two words apply: there’re short (<60 sec) and fun. Did you smile at watching a challenge video? Like every one I watched!!!!!!!

So take aim,create a sense of urgency by building in a timetable during which the participants must act or face consequences,and keep the campaign short and fun.

It’s very apropos that the most powerful “consequences” are of the social variety. So for this Frassadys make money online 100814 Newsletter-Social Media and The Ice Bucket Challenge be mindful of the Challenge analogy.

If you fine yourself delving into a social media campaign, always keep track of your social media metrics,and for a powerful WordPress software tool that tracks your social media results including Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, and Linkedin ,then you’ll need to check out Social Metrics Pro.
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Take good care, until next time, keep this in mind: Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. Eleanor Roosevelt

Frassadys’make money online blog- 教授, Talk about SEO and what’s real and what’s bogus!

Let’s continue our how to make money online symposium with make money online- 教授, Talk about SEO and what’s real and what’s bogus! as you try to ascertain web reality, because in order to start an online venture, myths need to be separated from the truth.

Two myths from the “experts” that will improve search engine optimization involves search engine submission,and the other is the length of domain registration. Search engine submission,in which many web companies advertise for a set, one time fee, for x amount of search engine submissions, is ok if you don’t mind paying for absolutely redundant services.

make money online- 教授, Talk about SEO and what’s real and what’s bogus!

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog

You do not need the submissions,as once your site is on the web,the search engine crawlers will find your site,especially with the correct keyword placement and orientation.In fact,search engine companies are trying to add new sites all the time, because it is good for their business.

This is either a ploy by these search engine submission companies,or they fail to read the the search engine companies’ guidelines.After you’ve installed a link or two, the bots will pick up your site and index it.Recall for our earn money online real vs bogus huddle, indexing means the search engine bot,aka web crawler, or web spider, copies your pages into the various search engine company servers.

Bear in mind, that the bot is always looking for significant efficiency,as efficiency is one of the most important criteria built into the algorithm. The bot will index the most relevant pages and will pass very quickly over material dubbed analogous. Moreover, we see efficiency manifest itself in dollars saved, as indexing involves significant costly bandwidth, and obviously bandwidth cost money.

The other fallacy,relative to search engine optimization,is that the length of domain registration will dictate a significant rank advantage over sites that are registered for a lesser time frame.

Further for this make money online real vs bogus colloquium, domain registration length is not a part of the SEO patented algorithm,obviously hosting companies tout length of domain registration, as a criterion upon which SEO rank is built.

Also, backlinks which had been a major criterion in the past has been relegated way down the list of important criteria upon which page rank is based,especially artificially built links. So 学生,registering your domain for extra years,or having a large number of backlinks,will not have a significant affect on the assigned page rank.

The significant pieces of the SEO algorithms are programming of your site,as well as the overall structure,content,and quality of incoming links,especially one-way links. The new Pagerank algorithm was developed to optimized and provide clear business value.



Search engines are looking for business relevant and quality one-way human constructed or organic backlinks, that are from other significant or high page-rank sites and in-niche sites.

Moreover for our SEO how to make money online piece,the contemporary search engine looks for organic optimization,and predicates most rank on the website’s ability to provide unique relevant customer oriented content.

Like the concept of seniority,it factored in the age of the site,with the older sites obviously getting more weight than younger sites,however, this criterion was way down the list of important factors,and is negligible as far as page rank is concerned.

So remember 学生, the significance of business relevance and quality content, on which your site will be judged by the search engines, judgement will be passed based on these criteria.

Using your keywords in the page title, and in your content, will get the attention of the search engine because of its significance, relevance,and efficacy for the crawler to index your site.

Ultimately however for our real vs bogus make money online feature, page rank is primarily based on the two factors above which we’d mentioned.

The title keywords are obviously significant because the accompanying keywords are use by inquirers to enter into the search panel to find your site’s business relevance and quality content.

Keep in mind the keyword page placement criteria upon which internet marketers rely.Keyword placement is still very much at the forefront as far as SEO and page rank is concerned.

I’ll need to put a wrap on our clarifying but terse make money online- 教授, talk about SEO and what’s real and what’s bogus!,but I’ll leave you with some important words of wisdom:When I was in college,

I remember fearing that the dreary grind of adulthood would feature infinitely more existential dread than frat parties had, but the opposite has been true for me.

I’m much less likely to feel that gnawing fear of aimlessness and nihilism than I used to be and that’s partly because education gave me job opportunities, but it’s mostly because education gave me perspective and context. John Green

Frassadys' and Cassnethosting's Make Money Online Blog
Frassadys’ and Cassnethosting’s Make Money Online Blog (click pic)








make money online- “大师,talk about an E-Commerce Website”

Let’s continue our earn money online discussion with make money online- 大师,talk about an E-Commerce Website,as this business model tends to have very high value per visitor 1 to 4 dollars per visitor,as compared to an information or blog site in which the value per customer is very low.

Furthermore, the first time visitor or conversion rate is relatively high at .5- 1% and the amount of persuasion needed for a conversion is diminished, because the online customer is looking for your product.

Ten percent of retail sales are now online sales and the online sales are growing at a high rate- around 15% per year. Some of questions that you’ll need to ask yourself when planning an ecommerce enterprise: Is the product fairly rare,can the customer buy the product easily in a bricks and mortar store.

make money online- "大师,talk about an E-Commerce Website"
make money online- “大师,talk about an E-Commerce Website”

Do you have a seasonal product,as seasonal products are fervently sought after products?Also,for our how to make money online blog, does the product leave room for return visits and sales?

You’ll need to have keywords that have a significant number of(Google initiated) searches per month, and a fairly competitive number( a baseline figure would be 1000- 20,000 searches).Be sure that the product is shippable, that is, it’s light enough, so it’ll fit into the drop shipping modality at a reasonable price.

You’ll need a bit of startup capital, a merchant account is an absolute necessity,as is a strong relationship with a vendor.As consumers migrate to online shopping,as we’d referred above,ecommerce will become a more significant online enterprise, and the online shopping environs will just continue to grow.

Customers have become acclimated, and are feeling very comfortable with online ecommerce, because ecommerce sites have become so secure,with the capability to do all the monetary transactions that the bricks and mortar stores can do, in a very secure way-an absolute necessity with credit card transactions.

So for our make money online ecommerce blurb, now is the time to enlist and invest in the ecommerce revolution. (Visit here to view the top ten ecommerce platformshttp://www.top10ecommercesitebuilders.com/.) So if you go with an established platform (e.g.,Volusion), make certain that all the relevant ecommerce details are automatically integrated into your ecommerce website.

These include the all-important layout,which will optimize your online sales space, 24×7 site- owner and sales support via an 800 number, and the all-important security with an SSL certification,that is a highly secure 256 bit encryption.

Moreover, these top-ranked sites include,Mobile compatibility,customer list generation,coupon generation, statistical analytics, and SEO tools. But what about a niche for this earn money online discourse?It should be something that people are impassioned about, like hobbies for example, model trains and airplanes or model robots.

Say for example you developed an ecommerce about golf,you could sell video and ebook golf rules and regulations or golf e-lessons via video or ebook. You could develop this in several directions, as golf history and development is interesting and has quite a following.

There is also the discussion of golf courses and how they’re made. What about the history of tournaments and players?I believe you can see one direction can open ad infinitum entanglements. In addition for this how to make money online composition, gift baskets work very well,and as I’d mentioned above seasonal gifts,in which people buy without hesitation.

Halloween is a season that translates well, from an online perspective, as pirate costumes and scary masks do extremely well. Also things that people will not buy at a bricks and mortar, because they may be embarrassed to buy in person,so they go to the anonymous internet.

The ecommerce structure is critical, and thankfully the ecommerce platform does optimization of the site into the home page, section pages,product pages,blog, and checkout pages. The home page has your top three keywords and conditioning adjectives that expand your keywords.Your section pages have 100 relevant keyword and conditioners.

Keep in mind for this make money online ecommerce discussion,that the as you move down from the general keyword at your home page, to your more specific keywords in your sections,then you move down to product pages, and you can have 500 relevant specific keywords,depending on the variability of your product line.

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So lets say your home page has got “halloween accessories”,then your categorized “sections” become party supplies,yard and outdoor decorations,props,costumes, I believe you get the idea.

The specificity of your product line becomes skeletons,reapers,body parts, masks and further to zombie masks, headless horseman props,witch masks,winged gruesome greeter, the specificity can go on perpetually.

So for this make money online build an ecommerce blurb,this is why you need a pyramid of keywords from general to specific. If you’ve covered the “bride of chucky”doll in your blog, then hopefully,an inquirer will land on your bride of chucky doll product page.

You can see how the targeted search enables this first visitor high conversion rate.Keep in mind you need to have a picture and bio page which will personalize your ecommerce store.

Another significant ecommerce option is Magento, which is owned by eBay. It offers virtually all the ecommerce options all wrapped into one neat and tidy package.The interesting piece about Magento, is that you can pick from their product line or create new ones.

But the most significant and essential ecommerce store options, the ones to which we’ve alluded are all included in the Magento small business ecommerce package.

Anyhow for this earn money on the internet, keep in mind the importance of the marketing piece, without which a small online enterprise cannot succeed.Obviously, the same marketing channels which fit the blog will fit the ecommerce site.

Recall SEO,PPC, and Email are the most significant marketing channels for the internet marketer.In addition,video for more of the general content (section content for ecommerce),and product images for virtually every individual product.

Also keep in mind that your most significant listings are high up on the page in the organic or PPC listings.

We’ll talk further, but right now I’ll need to end this make money online- “大师,talk about an E-Commerce Website” discussion with these words of wisdom from Ben Franklin :Perhaps the history of the errors of mankind, all things considered, is more valuable and interesting than that of their discoveries. Truth is uniform and narrow; it constantly exists, and does not seem to require so much an active energy, as a passive aptitude of the soul in order to encounter it. But error is endlessly diversified; it has no reality, but is the pure and simple creation of the mind that invents it. In this field the soul has room enough to expand herself, to display all her boundless faculties, and all her beautiful and interesting extravagancies [sic]and absurdities.

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