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A wife complains to her husband: “Just look at that couple down the road, how lovely they are. He keeps holding her hand, kissing her, holding the door for her, why can’t you do the same?”

The husband: “Are you crazy? I barely know that woman!”


In a boomerang shop: “I’d like to buy a new boomerang please. Also, can you tell me how to throw the old one away?”

Mr. Smith: “Doctor, you remember this strengthening solution you prescribed me yesterday?”

Doctor: “Yes, what’s the matter?”

Mr. Smith: “I would like to use it but I can’t open the bottle!”



Sales Funnels Opportunity


Recall,Solo Ads are an important paid advertising technique for Internet Marketers

make money online-solo ads

These Ads are a technique under the “direct response” marketing umbrella. By that I mean,you garner an immediate measurable response.

So with Solo Ads you send the right message,to the right niche, at the optimum time.

Solo ads are the most effective way to build your own personal list by placing ads on other marketers’ newsletters. Continue reading Frassadys Make Money Online Blog -Sales Funnels Opportunity

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Placing An Advert

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Anything for $50

Walter took his wife Ethel to the state fair every year, and every time he would say to her, “Ethel, you know that I’d love to go for a ride in that helicopter.” But Ethel would always reply, “I know that Walter, but that helicopter ride is 50 dollars and 50 dollars is 50 dollars.”
Finally, they went to the fair, and Walter said to Ethel, “Ethel, you know I’m 87 years old now. If I don’t ride that helicopter this year, I may never get another chance.” Once again Ethel replied, “Walter, you know that helicopter is 50 dollars and 50 dollars is 50 dollars.”

This time the helicopter pilot overheard the couple’s conversation and said, “Listen folks, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll take both of you for a ride; if you can both stay quiet for the entire ride and not say a word I won’t charge you! But if you say just one word, it’s 50 dollars.”

Walter and Ethel agreed and up they went in the helicopter. The pilot performed all kinds of fancy moves and tricks, but not a word was said by either Walter or Ethel. The pilot did his death-defying tricks over and over again, but still there wasn’t so much as one word said. When they finally landed, the pilot turned to Walter and said, “Wow! I’ve got to hand it to you. I did everything I could to get you to scream or shout out, but you didn’t. I’m really impressed!”

Walter replied, “Well to be honest I almost said something when Ethel fell out but, you know, 50 dollars is 50 dollars!”



Placing An Advert

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Never build your business on one lead source.
You’ve seen and worked with the large networks such as Google, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and Facebook.

You’ve also seen how many rules they have, and how fickle they are.

They can kick you off their network at any time, and give you absolutely no reason why. Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Placing An Advert

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog- Make It Go Viral

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This Diet Worked

A woman was terribly overweight, so her doctor put her on a diet.
“I want you to eat regularly for 2 days, then skip the next day, and repeat this procedure for 2 weeks. The next time I see you, you’ll have lost at least 5 pounds,” the doctor assured.
When the woman returned, she shocked the doctor by losing nearly 20 pounds.
“Why, that’s amazing!” the doctor said, “Did you follow my instructions?”
The woman nodded and said, “I’ll tell you though, I thought I was going to drop dead that third day.”
“From hunger?” “No, from skipping!”


Make It Go Viral

make money at home

Virality is important to the IMer not only because of the significant number of people that your contents reaches, but also, it can spread your name and your Business name quickly.

With a Call-to-action ,or link to your site, this is a significant way to drive traffic.

Lets talk about some of the pieces or better the emotions that need to be incorporated into content to make it go viral. Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog- Make It Go Viral

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Influencing Considerations

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Pondering the Heavens

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. After a good meal, they lay down for the night and went to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes awoke and nudged his faithful friend. Holmes said: “Watson, look up and tell me what you see”.
Watson said: “I see a fantastic panorama of countless stars.”
Holmes: “And what does that tell you?”
Watson pondered for a moment: “Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful and that we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.”
“Why? – What does it tell you, Holmes?”
Holmes was silent for a moment then spoke: “My good Watson… someone has stolen our tent.”

Influencing Considerations

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Email Marketing Verve


You’ve seen the one dollar purposals offered by marketers?

The reason is the principle of commitment in which once an enquirer commits to a small offer and gives their credit card number or Paypal address,then they’re subject to further “upsells”.

Good marketers know that they have induced momentum, and the, now customers, are amenable to significant higher-priced higher-end items.

Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Influencing Considerations

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Start It Off Correctly

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A Typo

A couple was going on a vacation together but the wife had an emergency at work. So they agreed the husband would go as planned and his wife would meet him at the hotel the next day.

When the husband got to his hotel and had checked in, he thought he should send his wife a quick email letting her know he’d got there ok.

As he typed in her email address, he made a typo and his email was sent to an elderly preacher’s wife  instead.

It just so happened that her husband had sadly died just the day before.

When the grieving old preacher’s wife checked her emails, she read the one from the holiday maker, let out an awful, loud, piercing scream, and fainted on the floor.

At the sound of her falling, her family rushed into the room. They tended to her and then looked at her computer and saw this email on her screen:

Dearest Wife,

Just checked in to my room. Everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

P.S. It sure is hot down here.



Start It Off Correctly


Frassadys Home Based Business Blog

That First Email

Alright, you got a signup from your blog and now you need to fashion an email or better known as the day-one email.

The first email is significant because you are giving a link, to a free eBook,report, or white paper.

You are also installing a call-to-action at the end. Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Start It Off Correctly