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Thinking Ahead

make money at home
make money at home

A good marketing campaign is much like a successful meeting,before which you carefully make an agenda,divided into specific time frames for each subject.

Then you make a list of the pertinent attendees,you choose a moderator,a scribe, a leader.

You set the date,the start time,the end time.

Obviously, you’ll send out the agenda in plenty of time before the meeting, so that participants can enter it into their calendars and resolve any conflicts ahead of schedule.

You also have to decide on incentives,for example,will you serve lunch?

You basically try to make the meeting as compelling and interesting as possible.

So, I think you see the analogy. You must think ahead. You must have relevance and importance inserted in the meeting.

Like a meeting, problems can arise in marketing Campaigns.

If you have poor planning or poor leadership the meeting can become more of a negative than a positive.

Poor planning in a marketing Campaign can also result in a significant tailspin and the return on your investment can quickly become negligible.

So in the business of internet marketing,keep in mind strategic planning can lower the risk significantly from a major hiccup in a Campaign or social media gaffe.

Think about how many companies have seen a drop in sales after a social media blunder,or a lack of Campaign planning.

To prevent negatives in your business from happening, and significantly lower the risk,you obviously need to continually evaluate your marketing efforts, and fix specific and general issues.

Tread careful around social media,be vigilant of all the money making parts of your business,so you can immediately adjust and right the ship.

You know the goal here is not only to make money online,but to make more money online on a continual basis.

make money at home
make money at home

When you work out in the gym,you can progress in several different ways: more reps,hold the weight for a longer period,or add weight.

You can add 1 pound to your weight,or add 1 rep, the key is to progress, you don’t want to regress.

You never stay in the same place,you either progress ot regress.

You’ll need to have the same orientation with your business.

Progression involves consistency in your return on investment your ROI. If you’re planning correctly,if you’re working the social media correctly,you’ll maintain reliable predictions.

Obviously, quality always trumps quantity, planning and forethought are a prerequisite for quality.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Colin Powell
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