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Twitter Small Biz


make money online-Twitter
make money online-Twitter

Twitter Ads Editor

Website clicks and conversion campaigns are used by Twitter to generate clicks to your website or landing page.

You ‘ll use a website card with your clicks and conversion campaign.

The website card allows users to see more content relative to your website or landing page,and by clicking on the card,they’ll be taken to your website or squeeze page.

Keep in mind,that twitter clicks and conversions campaigns are set up as call to action campaigns.

So like Adwords’ and Bing’s PPC campaigns, you’ll only be charged for the clicks to your website or landing page resulting from your campaign.

To start a Twitter advertising campaign copy and paste the URL.

Moreover, like other predominante online advertisers you set a bid, the amount per action,an overall budget,and a maximum daily amount.

So you’ll never go over that set amount,and your advert will stop immediately as it reaches that daily amount or your overall budget.

After you log into the Twitter Ads account and choose your clicks and conversion campaigns,you’ll set up the campaign name the start and stop dates,and the budget.

Your advert-tweet will include your 140 character tweet and your website card.

The card will include your website or landing page URL,an image,a 70 character headline,and a call to action.

make money from home
make money from home

The image should be 800 pixels wide by 320 pixels high and no more than three meg.

Keywords can be significantly different from your keywords which you’d acquired from a search campaign.

As a Search advertiser you enter different keywords in search engines.However,some of your Search keywords may also work well with Twitter advertising.

You can upload the top performing keyword phrases for your niche, and you can set the amount of tweets per month through a filter.

To expand a keyword from an exact match simply remove the +.

Keep in mind,the niche Twitter conversation might be significantly different on this social media compared to Search.

Targeting includes your followers,but the virality comes from targeting those who are relative to your followers.

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