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Physician says these are actual comments patients made while he was performing colonoscopies.

“Take it easy, Doc, you’re boldly going where no man has gone before.”
“Find Amelia Earhart yet?”
“Can you hear me NOW?”
“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”
“You know, in Arkansas , we’re now legally married.”
“Any sign of the trapped miners, Chief?”
“You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out. You do the Hokey Pokey….”
“Hey!! Now I know how a Muppet feels!”
“If your hand doesn’t fit, you must acquit!”
“Hey, Doc, let me know if you find my dignity.”
and THE winner is
“Could you write me a note for my wife, saying that my head is not, in fact, up there?”

Website Functionality

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog

If you have a website that gets thousands of daily visitors and has a lot of technical configurations,images,videos,plugins and widgets you may be wondering if you need high capacity web hosting instead of a regular shared web hosting plan.

Also,you may have several sites by which high cap web hosting would also be relevant.

As a high capacity plan will provide you with much faster connection, or access speed,for your customers and more disk space.

The best way to know if you need a high capacity hosting plan is to consider the bandwidth of your current plan and how well your website functions at that bandwidth.

Find out the speed of your site here.

home based business

An easy way to understand bandwidth is to think of it as a pipe.

Information from your website flows through that pipe to customers.

Your pipe needs to be wide enough to allow the right number of customers to easily come and go from your website.

Keep in mind, that bandwidth can have significant impact on how fast your site(s) loads, as well as, the number of customers that are visiting your site(s).

If you have a heavily visited site(s) you’ll need unlimted bandwidth.

Take a look at, note that my Deluxe and Ultimate cPanel plans have unlimited Bandwidth,unlimited space, and unlimited websites.

Hosting Plans

If you have more customers than your pipe can handle, the pipe will get backed up and customers will experience a delay.

If this is an issue for your site (s),or you anticipate it to be an issue, you need a bigger pipe.

In other words, you need unlimited bandwidth–and a higher capacity web host.

Be aware that all servers are shared;my Cassnethosting offers the best products in the Industry.

Each web hosing company has a different concept of what high capacity hosting actually is, or better what they actually offer.

For many providers, all it takes to turn a regular hosting plan into a high capacity plan is to increase the storage space to anywhere from 500 MB to 2 GB and to increase the bandwidth up to 10 GB to 50 GB per month.

It is also common for web hosting companies to increase the number of email lists, subdomains, parked domains, and more in their high capacity packages.

There will come a time when your business becomes too big for even the unlimited bandwidth,space,and sites that my Cassnethosting site offers.

When that happens you’ll need a stand-a-lone or “dedicated ” server.

Dedicated to your business only and not shared.
This is a resource for online companies with multiple websites to various customers.

One that has tremendous resources which require bandwidth.

online services

I’m talking here about the big Affiliate and Internet Marketing companies like my partner WorldProfit.

Or, online companies that have several TEs and/or Safelists.

Cassnethosting offers Linux as well as Windows stand-a-lone Servers with plans based on 1TB to 2TB (TB=terabytes).

Obviously, a big online platform like WorldProfit for example, would need a stand-a-lone Server.

The TB pipe is obviously a huge diameter pipe.

One in which you don’t ever have to worry about running out of resources or bandwidth.

Maturity is the ability to reap without apology and not complain when things don’t go well. Jim Rohn

You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour. Jim Rohn


Baby Wallaby

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Fran Cassady

I retired in network engineering from Qwest Corporation,now Century Link Corporation.I’d volunteered for two years with RSVP (retired seniors volunteer program),guardians angels retirement community,Minnesota Responds (public health volunteer),and the Elk River food shelf. I also work out in the gym,so I studied and received a NASM certification for personal training.I had a significant surgery in October of 2010 and again in September of 2011.When I was at home recuperating ,I started an online business,Cassady Online LLC, main sites are, and professional hosting and site builder. I’m a Blogger,Affiliate and Internet Marketer.

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