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What’s Real? What’s Bogus?


make money at home
make money at home

As you try to ascertain web reality, because in order to start an online venture, myths need to be separated from the truth.

Two myths from the “experts” that will improve search engine optimization involves search engine submission, and the other is the length of domain registration.

Search engine submission, in which many web companies advertise for a set, one-time fee, for x amount of search engine submissions, is ok, if you don’t mind paying for absolutely redundant services.

You do not need the submissions, as once your site is on the web, the search engine crawlers will find your site, especially with the correct keyword placement and orientation.

Recall,main keywords or related keywords every 100 words or so, also, in the title, the first paragraph and in the closing sequence.

Also, there needs to be 3-5 related keywords used as what the SEOers call tags.
Search engine companies are trying to add new sites all the time, because it is good for their business.

home base business
home base business

This is either a ploy by these search engine submission companies, or they fail to read the the search engine companies’ guidelines.

After you’ve installed a link or two, the Search bots will pick up your site and index it.

indexing means the search engine bot or crawler, copies your page into the various search engine companies’ servers.

Bear in mind, that the bot is always looking for significant efficiency, as efficiency and relevance are the most important criteria built into the SEO algorithm.

The bot will index the most relevant pages and will pass very quickly over material dubbed analogous.

What’s more, we see efficiency present itself in dollars saved, as indexing involves significant costly bandwidth, and obviously bandwidth cost money.

The other fallacy, relative to search engine optimization, is that the length of domain registration will dictate a significant rank advantage over sites that are registered for a lesser time frame.

Domain registration length is not a part of the SEO patented algorithm, obviously, hosting companies tout length of domain registration, as a criterion upon which SEO rank is built.

Recall,backlinks which had been a major criterion in the past has been relegated way down the list of important criteria upon which page rank is based, and artificially built links are negligible.

Registering your domain for extra years, or having a large number of backlinks, will not have a significant effect on the assigned page rank.

Recall, PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web,like in Alexa. SERP is the all important position on the results page, based on your keyword.

make money at home
make money at home

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