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Solo Ads an important technique for Internet Marketers

advertising – solo ads

These Ads are a technique under the “direct response” marketing umbrella. By that I mean,you garner an immediate measurable response.

So with Solo Ads you send the right message,to the right niche, at the optimum time.

Solo ads are the most effective way to build your own personal list by placing ads on other marketers’ newsletters.

You are basically renting space from them as they send to their already-built same-niche email list.

In return, you get back opt-ins or leads.

There are three specific principal considerations you must carefully consider before you send a solo ad.

  • the list to which you’re sending your offer
  • your specific offer
  • your copy, which includes the subject line and email body

Keep in mind, that there are several pieces you’ll need to investigate including, the list reputation,how responsive is the list,the average click through rate and most significantly the average number of signups.

Recall, you generally use the solo ad to get signups to your list, you’re looking for leads.

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How often are names added to the list and how often is the list updated.

You’ll need to know how many names and email addresses are on the list.

Obviously, the most important piece is the products and services to which the newsletter is directed.
Lets talk about some of the solo ad processes.

First you want to mail to a list and have enquirers go directly to your squeeze page,from there take them straight to a OTO sales page.

The most effective price range for your OTO is between $7 and $25.

You obviously want a ROI as quickly as possible,but within thirty days.

Recall,you need to orient your sales funnel to the front-end OTO product or service.

Once you’ve collected the lead and accomplished this conversion and , then the lead filters down the funnel to the higher-priced back-end product or service.

Recall, the best list to which you mail is your own list, this is build by solo ad emails,as well as other ways.

The second best list falls under the category of a Solo Ad, if you do your homework and be sure that the people who’ve responded to the solo list in the past,are responding to offers that are similar to your offer.

Once a person buys a product or service, their chances of buying similar products and services are very high.

In fact we can say,customers will always buy more of the similar products and services before which they’d bought.

One of the most significant networks to register free and buy solo ads from the most responsive solo lists in the Industry is Udimi.

You can also become an affiliate, Go here now to sign up free.

online advertising solo ads

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