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Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog-Recommended Product-CurationSoft

As a blogger your biggest challenge is to generate refreshing and popular content,
post after post after post. It gets tiring and soon you hit a block.

There is only so much original content that you can put out.

Frassadys' Make Money Online Blog Recommended  Product-CurationSoft
Frassadys’ Make Money Online Blog Recommended Product-CurationSoft (Click Pic)

Now with CurationSoft
you can churn out enriched, refreshing and Google-friendly content by curating
the best content from 18 major sources such as facebook, Google, Wikipedia,
Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
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With a user base of over 18,500, users of CurationSoft have reported increase in traffic,
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With content being the lifeblood of a blog and time being your most perishable
commodity, these benefits are priceless. CurationSoft makers believe a blogger
can save over $2000 in a six-month period.

The benefits are also quantified for you to see.
I know they will raise the price of this wonderful tool very soon,
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Frassadys’ Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter-“Do you Blog?Yes I Blog! What do you Blog? The very best Webcopy I can! Make it Great! Well ok then!”

We’re into February,my goodness,here’s Frassadys’Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter-“Do you Blog?Yes I Blog! What do you Blog? The very best Webcopy I can! Make it Great! Well ok then!”.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter (Click Pic for Free MOBE Video)

As a writer or blogger,the internet’s term for article writer,we are always looking for new,interesting,informative webcopy.

We can write for social media,forums,article writing sites,but your blog remains your predominate focus,because your website represents who you are.

Sure you incorporate the rules into your webcopy,we all know that your blog must go through these steps:

  • Planning
  • Drafting
  • Redrafting
  • Editing

If you don’t follow these rules of writing,you’ll surely run into editing errors and clumsy sentences.

Obviously perfection never comes,but you focus on webcopy and putting yourself into it.

I believe you understand that the very nature of blogging is to be informal. However even if informal,you still obey the rules of spelling and grammar.

This is because enquirers, and returning enquirers,heavily scrutinize your website. Moreover for our Frassadys’Make Money Online 20415 Newsletter,your webcopy represents you,and your personality,as visitors come to your site,come back to your site.

This says a heck of a lot concerning not only the rules above which I’d bulleted,but also the research from which you draw relevant information.

And you know that you’ve done the research, the redrafting,the editing,because this is you the person,the author,this blog is full of your disparate personality.

In the world of the Internet and blogging,here’s a few things to keep in mind as you entertain and hopefully guide and teach your audience.

First,you need a compelling blog,you’ll need to add humor,be provocative,add color, and most important be yourself.

Be sure that you give your enquirer a reason to stay on your website.Second, you always try to differentiate yourself, your blog and your brand from others in your niche.

You always need to write with lucidity,but the things that make you stand out among other bloggers,among competitors, are key to developing your blog.

And the way you differentiate yourself? Yah that’s right,your article writing composition. You must understand this differentiation,once you understand this,your enquirers will follow suit.

Third,engagement is great,but get the visitor in and out, because that is the nature of today’s weblog visitors. This is why bloggers use bullets and summaries.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter (Click Pic for MOBE Video)

In addition for this Frassadys’Make Money Online 20415 Newsletter, website bloggers must be particularly attentive to a generation of internet consumers who expect instant gratification and very quick fixes.

Keep in mind the very rapid development of portable devices that can access the internet virtually anywhere.

This is great for websites and bloggers,as it means their audience is not only growing with each smart phone and tablet advance, but their site is also reachable 24/7.

However,there’s a inverse relationship between technological advancement and attention span.

Fourth,you’ll need to give detailed descriptions of your products and services. Obviously, the best way to give great detail very quickly is by images, and better yet,videos.

Keep in mind though for our Frassadys’Make Money Online 20415 Newsletter,that you still need to write about your products and services,because the search engine’s bot will walk your site for keywords,the analysis of which is used for SERP position and page rank.

Moreover, always label your pictures and videos with your relevant keywords,as the search engine bot always weighs the “caption” and “description” for relevant keywords.

You can give quick detail with a picture or video, but to convey understanding and perspective,you have to write a blog.

Fifth, bear in mind webcopy rule number four edit your blog- by following you’ll have a flawless presentation that’ll convey authority.

There can be no grammatical errors,no spelling errors,and you need good punctuation,to make reading as unambiguous and easy as possible.

Remember webcopy is essentially the personality of your weblog,and represents the fundamental architecture of your site.

Ok I’ll need to wrap my Frassadys’ Make Money Online 20615 Newsletter,but if you’re interested in checking out how a dead-broke stand-up comic turned a simple joke formula into a million dollar sales hook,and how you can use it to skyrocket your conversions go here now.

Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!

I’ll continue Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter with Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!.

Sometimes you neglect your social media platform fan page,because the time and extra work to put content into it.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter (Click pic for a free MOBE Video)

Yes, a social media advertising budget can be prohibitive. Do not blindly do page boosts or post boosts without going over,several times if necessary, the mechanics of installing an advert (boost) on Facebook for example.


Keep in mind, that for social promotions and brand imaging,you’ll need to incorporate at least the predominant social media into your marketing plan.

If you focus on your website only, then you’ll have regressed social media sites.

Be sure to install a social media widget or plugin that will lend itself to social media advertising,by installing a video or blog post directly into the predomiate social media sites.

Obviously,you need to progress the social media sites just as you progress your website.

( If you have a WordPress blog,the plugin I use is called Kebo Social,but obviously you can search for another that’ll benefit you more.)

If you have  significant customers or in Facebook “likes” , in Google plus “followers” or “views”, and on Twitter “followers”,you’ll need to keep current content on the respective page.

If not you run the risk of not having visitors come back,as they think you’re no longer in business,or no longer managing that specific page.

So for our Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter,try to keep up, the good piece relative to social media content,is that if you can update one,you can update everyone,as different fan pages will have different viewers and different group of viewers.

Let’s imagine that you can only manage one social media platform. Which platform would be the most amicable to your online business?

Obviously,Twitter would be the easiest to update,because you never have to go to your Twitter site.

On the other hand,you’d need to ask the most significant and relevant question:What drives enquirers or customers to your site?

I believe you’d need a Facebook fan page if your product or services needed images or even Google plus.

Your decision will also be based on whether your marketing is real time,like Amazon products.

Furthermore for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter,be sure to know whether your company B2B or B2C,or a combination?

If you are an affiliate marketer for Amazon, having a Facebook account set up where you can share links with product pictures might be the correct social media marketing strategy.

Twitter is more of a real time social media. This is why blogging and happening-now feelings and quotes works so well with Twitter.

Twitter just recently started “Twitter Groups”,you can use Direct Messages to speak privately with a group of up to 20 people.

The group function lets you start conversations with any of your followers,and they can be any of your followers,up to the magic number of 20.

People on Twitter will soon be able to seamlessly capture, edit and share videos right from the Twitter app.

( Take a look at https://blog.twitter.com/2015/now-on-twitter-group-direct-messages-and-mobile-video-capture).

Now to market yourself or your brand,you’ll need to build relationships on linkedIn. LinkedIn is the ultimate online social networking platform.

Here you can find the decision makers for medium and larger companies. So if you were in the software selling business,software that can benefit a company,you have a significant listening audience with the LinkedIn professionals.

And Pinterest already launched Promoted Pins in December 2014 which is a significant advert product.

This new marketing,called “intent” marketing for this social media platform,based on the fact users bookmark item pins which their interested in purchasing.

Frassadys' Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter-
Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter-


The ads had only been demographically targeted before,but obviously Pinterest has taken a note from other social media platforms,and are targeting enquirers’ “likes” and pins.

Google Plus is an important social media platform,with over 600 million active world wide users,Google+ has the multimedia capability of Facebook,and is not as stringent,relative to installing links with your adverts.

Furthermore for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter, Google+ has much more leverage relative to SEO rankings,as Google search will advantage and prioritize your pagerank in SERP,after having established yourself or brand in a Google Plus page.

And I believe you’re aware that videos are also facilitated,especially YouTube Videos,as Google owns YouTube.

Obviously, you want to emphasize the social media platform from which the majority of your traffic is coming.

Keep in mind however,that you can update the social media sites automatically with a WordPress plugin.

You can even manually update the social platforms quite easily now, as the social platforms have evolved,and are still evolving,to make posting quite transparent and easy to do.

Ok I’ll need to wrap this week’s Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12815 Newsletter- Social Media Platforms,No I Can’t,but Yes You Can!, however,If you’re looking for a powerful software WordPress tool that tracks your social media metrics including Twitter,Facebook, Google+, Pintrest & more, then you’ll need to check out Social Metrics Pro. Go Here Now 
¹ http://frassadys.com/make-money-online-%D1%83%D1%87%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BBtalk-more-about-placing-a-facebook-ad/
² http://frassadys.com/make-money-online-insegnantetell-us-more-about-facebook-marketing-and-methods/


Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12215 Newsletter-How to Prevent and Fix Breakdowns in your WordPress Website

For our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter lets take a look at Frassadys’ Make Money Online 12215 Newsletter-How to Prevent and Fix Breakdowns in your WordPress Website.

As marketers we know that WordPress is the best software to use to build a blog. The reason for this is that it is relatively simple to use,and it’s a complete blogging and content management platform.

Frassadys make money online,how to make money online  Blog
Frassadys make money online,how to make money online Blog (click pic for a free MOBE Video)

Keep in mind,that it is an “open source” software,which means that it’s gratis,and anyone from any part of the world,can work on it,enhancing it and adding more value.

The open source blogging platform was started in 2003,but has evolved into a content management system,because of the evolution of plugins and widgets.

Basically,plugins and widgets allow the expanding capabilities of the system.Also, they allow significant designers of plugins and widgets to continually enhance the platform.

Furthermore,Wordpress gives the website administrator significant control over the WP site.

However,like any software,there are significant quirks,and there can be mismatches and quirks in primarily the plugins,but also in the widgets.

So your site can get knock down,but not out by a mismatched or quirky plugin or widget.It’s really quite amazing that WordPress has been able to continually move the software forward,with the pervasive designers and disparate add-ons.

Obviously, one of the predominant issues is matching the release number of WordPress with the release number of the plugin or widget.So you can have an older version of WP and a plugin engineered for the newest version.

Or conversely,you can have the newest version of WP and a plugin or widget engineered for an older version.

Normally the “detail” of the plugin or widget will give you the “Requires WordPress Version” e.g., 3.3 or higher;it will give the “Compatible up to”,e.g.,4.1;it will give you the “Downloaded” (how many times it been downloaded).

For our Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter ,mismatches or quirks can be two of the preponderate issues if your site fails.

Most of the time with a quirk or a mismatch,you’ll see the problem soon enough,as your site will behave differently.You can obviously fix this by deleting the new add-on.

What happens if you can’t access your site? Well you’ll need to go to your WP C-Panel,go to: public_html/wp-content/plugins,find the offensive plugin,left click to highlight,right click for the pulldown,then double click delete.

Bear in mind,that a WP failure can also be caused by other issues, that are probably not nearly as common as a defective or mismatched plugin.

For example you can have corrupted files or a corrupted database.So you need to regularly back up your blog.

There are several ways to do this,but the the best way is to upload a backup-your-site WP plugin,and there are many. Obviously,you want to be able to recover quickly in the event of a server failure,or website code contamination.

You always backup your blog’s database and your content files. Sometimes a plugin can fail,after you’ve upgraded your version of WordPress,as it now becomes mismatched.

At that point,for this Frassadys’ Make Money Online Newsletter you either switch back to the earlier version of WordPress,or you methodically disable each plugin until you find the offender.Remember and I’m sure you know this,but I’ll repeat it because it is so important,you always backup your site before you upgrade to a newer version.

(I spoke to Kevin Blue,the young creator of Internet Income University,and he recommends Vaultpress.com as a great backup site upon which to rely.)

Keep in mind there are several ways to troubleshoot,you can disable plugins one at a time and check for correct functionality, or you can disable all the plugins and check for functionality.

If you disable all the plugins,then you conversely enable each plugin back one at at time and check for proper functionality after the individual enable.

Once you find the corrupt or mismatched plugin,then obviously you’ll need to either update the plugin or get a substitute plugin.

WordPress can also look for database corruption,this is much more rare,but can happen.

If you are getting a “error establishing a database connection”,then you can add a line to your wp-config.php file:define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);Once you have done that, you can see the settings by visiting this page: http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/maint/repair.php.

WP can then automatically fix an issue.There is also the possibility of repairing the database at www.yoursite.com/cpanel, go to “databases” => MySQL Databases,there you’ll find the functionality to check or repair the database.

Obviously, with this type of rare failure,you’ll need to be in communication with your WP and hosting professionals.

Heres a video showing how to delete the corrupted database and reinstall from WordPress.org: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dEaywhvJmV8. Don’t forget WordPress support forum.

For a simple to use plugin to backup, clone & protect your WordPress blogs check out Backup Creator go here now

Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter 10815-Internet Marketing 2015,A Lot of the Old,a Bit of the New

So here we go into another exciting internet marketing year,here comes 2015,so out with the old and in with the new,or will there be a lot of the new?.Let’s start it off with Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter 10815-Internet Marketing 2015,A Lot of the Old,a Bit of the New,as we work together to try to figure this thing out.

So what are the predictions? What’s going to change? One thing is for certain you and I need to improve and keep on improving as we negotiate the World Wide Web.

Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter
Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter (Click Pic for free MOBE Video)

Keep in mind the status quo will prevail,but with slight changes that are very important.As always,the best internet marketing techniques will get better and the losers (techniques) will die off.

Interestingly, the best internet marketing tools will be consistently utilized,and you’ll move to them,adapt them,and improve them.

Obviously, the key to any business venture,is to be tuned in 24×7, and stay alert,you don’t want to miss a progression,or new cutting edge marketing ideas.Remember 360-Degree Marketing?

This strategy involves linking several different types of marketing together rather than relying on one or two types. It may involve web advertising, as well as mailing out brochures that refer clients to the company website,and print ads that feature the brochure.

It can also include calling clients on skype or cell phone, networking, holding webinars and even organizing online co-marketing with other online companies.

MOBE is a company that has taken 360-Degree Marketing,to a new level,as it has utilized all these techniques and then some,to foster leads, and convert prospects to customers.

MOBE also has developed significant email sales’ funnels to keep prospects interested,and the front door opened.So the incentive and the strategic considerations are always there,and certainly as you are looking for a fresh start in 2015.

So obviously,you need to improve significantly on what you are currently doing,or you’ll be looking to take your game to the next level.

Bear in mind for this Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter 10815-Internet Marketing 2015,A Lot of the Old,a Bit of the New,a Mobile friendly site will become an absolute necessity.

I believe you’ll need to make your site not only smart phone compatible,but also ipad and other portable-device compatible. Check your site here to check your compatibility: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/.

Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter
Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter

Be sure to go to http://www.dudamobile.com/ and make a gratis mobile site,if you’re not mobile at this time. SEO will continue to have relevance,as will social media marketing.

SEO is dependent upon content creation,as is some of the social media,e.g.,Twitter. However,Facebook has changed the game,with the ubiquitous Fan page,and the proliferation of Facebook niche “Groups”.


Keep in mind, that content creation is always oriented to the visitor or customer,that’s right,you write for an audience,you never write for the search engines. However, the adroit internet marketer is able to incorporate,but subjugate, the SEO into the value-add content creation.

Marketing Metrics and Analytics will be as important as ever in internet marketing in 2015,so you’ll need to put emphasis on them as you continue to improve,or as you reach the next level.

To build a performance advantage you first need to understand how Marketing Analytics (tools) drives Marketing Metrics (results).

Marketing Analytics are the tools and data needed to produce Marketing Metrics which are measures of performance.MOBE has analytic tools such as long cookie duration and affiliate tracking. How does the long cookie duration work?

If a customer comes from your site to MOBE’s, and then comes back to purchase six months later, you get credit,even if she comes in from another site,as your initial cookie placement on her site takes priority.

To build disparate “channels” for the same URL,go to: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033867?hl=en,enter, then fill in the following boxes:website url,campaign medium,campaign source, campaign term (keywords),campaign content,and campaign name.

For more information on creating “Best Practices for creating Custom Campaigns” take a look at https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1037445.

Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter
Frassadys Make Money Online Newsletter


Stay after it,deliver value, and you’ll continue to prosper in 2015. By the way,for Frassadys’ Make Money Online 10815 Newsletter, my favorite autoresponder company to use is Aweber, deliverability is almost 100%, the price is low,and the service is exceptional!

Go here Now and sign up for one dollar for one month . Also, for a Small Business Web Hosting Company,Cassnethosting has 24×7 support, unlimited bandwidth, a world class data center,and 99.9 percent up time.

Cassnethosting offers offer inexpensive and free domains, or visit us on Facebook ,just click the “more” pulldown then click “our store” or go direct to our FacebookStore
¹ http://frassadys.com/make-money-online-%D1%83%D1%87%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BBtalk-more-about-placing-a-facebook-ad/