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Frassadys Make Money From Home Blog-Take A Turn

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Take A Turn

make money online- banners
make money online- banners

So we turn our attention to traffic strategies for leads that are fairly predictable, reliable, and have stood the test of time.

Banner advertising will not change, unless there is a radical shift in internet marketing.

So you know the rudiments: place banner ads on niche sites with lots of targeted traffic.

Obviously, the basic tools include Google search and Google keyword tool.

A great alternative to Google keyword tool is keywordtool.io. Continue reading Frassadys Make Money From Home Blog-Take A Turn

Frassadys Home Based Biz Video- Opportunity Knocks

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Significant Pieces

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Significant Pieces

make money from home
make money from home

The significant pieces of the SEO algorithms are programming of your site, as well as the overall structure, content, and quality of incoming links, especially one-way links.

The new Pagerank algorithm was developed to optimize and provide clear business value.

Search engines are looking for business relevant and quality one-way human constructed or organic backlinks, that are from other significant niche sites or high page-rank sites .

The contemporary search engine looks for organic optimization, and predicates most rank on the website’s ability to provide unique relevant customer oriented content. Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Significant Pieces

Frassadys Make Money Online Offer- Flowleads

FlowLeads special offer is now officially live!

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What Is FlowLeads?

FlowLeads app is a secret cloud-based
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The secret method is referred to as
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It’s unique and special because unlike
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FlowLead is the first software to automate
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We started building at the beginning of this
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With FlowLeads, we now consistent add
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Fran Cassady
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Fran Cassady
Fran Cassady

Make Money at Home-Do You Think Email is Becoming Less Prevalent ?

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Do You Think Email is Becoming Less Prevalent ?


make money at home
make money at home

As marketers you continually hear about the stagnation in email. Do you think there’s a declination in the use of email by the general public?

A couple of interesting pieces to keep in mind. First,some of generations Y and and most of generation Z probably use texting and social media before they even look at an email.

Although when working at a 9 to 5,obviously,they must have an email account and open emails.

Most Mature/Silents or people over 68 do not a clue about email.
One important fact to keep in mind,if you’re an email marketer,is that 43% of email recipients click the delete button based on the email from an unknown name,or if from an unknown email address. Continue reading Make Money at Home-Do You Think Email is Becoming Less Prevalent ?