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Frassadys’Make Money Online 102314 Newsletter- Strategic Planning for better marketing Campaigns.

In this Frassadys’Make Money Online 102314 Newsletter,we’ll talk about The need for Strategic Planning for better marketing Campaigns and online Business Consistency.

A good marketing campaign is much like a successful meeting,before which you carefully make an agenda,divided into specific time frames for each relative subject,you make a list of the pertinent attendees,you choose a moderator,a scribe, a leader.You set the date,the start time,the end time.

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Francis Cassady
Frassadys’Make Money Online 102314 Newsletter- Strategic Planning for better marketing Campaigns.Click pic for free MOBE Video.

And obviously you’ll send out the agenda in plenty of time before the meeting, so that participants can enter it into their calendars and resolve any conflicts ahead of schedule. You also have to decide on incentives,for example,will you serve lunch? You basically try to make the meeting as compelling and interesting as possible. Like a meeting, problems can arise in marketing Campaigns.

If you have poor planning or poor leadership the meeting can become more of a negative than a positive. Poor planning in a marketing Campaign can also result in a significant tailspin and the return on your investment can quickly become negligible. So in the business of internet marketing,keep in mind strategic planning can lower the risk significantly from a major hiccup in a Campaign or social media gaffe.

Think about how many companies have seen a drop in sales after a social media blunder,or a lack of Campaign planning. To prevent negatives in your business from happening, and significantly lower the risk,you obviously need to incessantly evaluate your marketing efforts, and fix specific and general issues.

So two important issues are relevant here:tread careful around social media,be vigilant of all the money making parts of your business,so you can immediately adjust and right the ship.You know the goal here is not only to make money online,but to make more money online on a continual basis.

When you work out in the gym,you can progress in several different ways: more reps,hold the weight for a longer period,or add weight.You can add 1 pound to your weight,or add 1 rep, the key is to progress, you don’t want to regress. You never stay in the same place,you either progress ot regress. You’ll need to have the same orientation with your business.

Progression involves consistency in your return on investment your ROI. If you’re planning correctly,if you’re working the social media correctly,you’ll maintain reliable predictions. So is strategic planning involved with tracking?

If you’re on top of your game,you’ll know if your email list,your blog,or your social marketing platform is more successful. You’ll know the ROI from your compelling blog,the ROI from your email Campaign ,you’ll know what to expect in ROI from your next Solo Campaign.

Because you know the medium ,the vendor,the Solo Ads people,your indicators become more accurate and reliable,and reliability makes for a smooth consistent business,kind of like when you were on the job and you had a biweekly paycheck on which you could count. The stable part of predictability through planning,is that even though an egregious hiccup can temporarily impede you,it will never defeat you.

Yes strategic planning is involved in analyzation of CTRs,email clicks,and generally the advertising platforms that perform well.So you monitor,gauge,evaluate and modify going forward.Sure this is easy for this Frassadys’Make Money Online 102314 Newsletter to say.

We all know that doing is much tougher than saying.On the other hand, habits are ingrained by thought and repetition. As our mothers constantly reminded us to stay out of trouble and mind your manners,listen to your friend or teacher,always say “please” and “thank you”,respect other people’s property,clean up after yourself,eventually all social people start thinking about good manners,and yes they’ll eventually became deep-seated.

So you as business owners find what is consistently good for your business and then make that the norm. So finding what is consistently good is the inbred behavior, and that will lead to the predictability and stability in what is inherently never static, it is either progressing or regressing.

Another facet of stategic planning is the constant evaluation of your competitors.Always find and utilize great emails,obviously don’t copy, but use the idea to create your own unique piece. Check their sales funnel and how successful it is. Always do a stare and compare with other successful marketers in the same niche as yourself.

Remember the significance of branding and injecting your personality, your brand, into your work.The greatest inventors of all time, did not invent their transformative invention by himself (herself). Generally it was an accumulation of disparate persons that passed down relevant knowledge,until the “inventor” finalized it,this is truly the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

Do you see my point? Human beings have always emulated each other.Remember differentiate to establish brand,but do what the leaders in the niche consistently do to make it work.Always copy techniques that work effectively,modify it for brand, but stick with the essential piece that works. You’ve seen the copy cat syndrome in many of the US’ most predominant industries.

Think about this after one predominant automobile manufacturer copied another predominant automobile manufacturer’s manufacturing process, what was the difference? You guessed it-brand. Successful  processes and procedures are basically copied.

And major companies commit considerable resources to establishing their brand. Obviously,you always need to be testing and tracking every marketing endeavor,so you know exactly what is getting the progressive results.

The easiest way to keep track of the metrics in your business is to be sure you’re always using tracking links, which allow you to automatically track what works in your business. The best tracking software to use is called Ad Trackz Gold.
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Ok we’ll need to put a wrap on this Frassadys’Make Money Online 102314 Newsletter- Strategic Planning for better marketing Campaigns. but i’ll leave you with some important words: You’ve got to find what you love and that is as true for work as it is for lovers.Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what what (sic) you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you’ve found it.                Steve Jobs

Make money online Frassadys 101514 Newsletter- Numbers can tell you what’s happening with your Biz,but avoid when talking to your Customer!

Ok  let’s talk about Make money online Frassadys 101514 Newsletter- Numbers can tell you what’s happening with your Biz,but avoid when talking to your Customer!  You’ve seen it before as businesses will try to impress using totals and percentage of totals,and all kinds of numbers.

The large businesses are built on stats,but for most people they’re very booooring.Data per se has a way of putting people to sleep.I worked for years in Network Engineering and although interesting,especially configuring switches and routers, the numbers were tedious and the amount of information was mental overload.

Unless you’re a geek who loves figures,telling a story with numbers and equations,does not bode well for online marketers and online business owners. I mention “geek” and I mean everything positive,absolutely nothing negative, albeit,it takes a certain kind of person.

So you see what I’m saying for this  Make money online Frassadys 101514 Newsletter,to communicate with an audience,in this case your customers,avoid the numbers,but use images or graphs,to which you can look and find out the entire story.

This really tells the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If you look at the history of images conveying significant information,you’ll need to look at science.

Why? Because data lies at the soul of all knowledge and science,numbers are initially compiled in tables or databases, they are often displayed in a graphic form to help scientists visualize and interpret the variation, patterns, and trends within the data.

Unless you’re an accountant, who must work with numbers,internet marketers need to serve peers and customers with images and graphs.Which leads me to one fundamental IM tool called Infographics which is visual storytelling aids that work.Think about Google Analytics to get a good idea of Infographics.

What is the general idea behind Infographics? I believe we’ve explained it above but “…infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly”. I mean wiki’s definition pretty much “hits the nail on the head”.

Another term would be Data visualization.Bear in mind for this make money online Frassadys.com infographics newsletter,is that data visualization keeps the information very informative without being too boring.

Your peers can actually digest the information without a severe migraine and /or an acute panic attack. Basically,the best infographics can tell a story very quickly,concisely and in a compelling and fun way.

The types of infographics include:analysis, and data visualization, which includes, time-series (documents data over time),statistical ( like a histogram), and hierarchies.

I believe a pie chart falls under “anaylsis” category.How statistically important and simplistic is the pie chart?Obviously,it has served us very well. So for a 105 Awesome Infographic Templates you can edit and use,check this out!

Infographics are Visual Storytelling Aids that Work
Ok,i’ll need to close this Make money online Frassadys 101514 Newsletter- Numbers can tell you what’s happening with your Biz,but avoid when talking to your Customer!  until next week take good care and we’ll talk again.

If you’d like to talk health and fitness or internet marketing, or if you’d like to talk about a Frassadys.com offer or MOBE,Skype me at francis.cassady or email me at fcassad@cpinternet.com,or leave a phone number and i’ll call you.

I’ll leave you with these words:There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. John F. Kennedy

Frassadys’ make money online 100814 Newsletter-Social Media and The Ice Bucket Challenge

We’ll look at Frassadys make money online 100814 Newsletter-Social Media and The Ice Bucket Challenge.

So now that the ice bucket challenge rage has diminished, and we’ve had some time to think about it,we review the non-stop videos of our families and friends,Minnesota Viking football announcer,Bill Gates,Jennifer Lopez,Oprah, Jimmy Fallon,Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest,Chris Christie,and Steven Spielberg,all taking the Challenge.

You get the picture the list of friends and celebrities ad infinitum, but besides raising significant cash for the ALS Association, (an absolutely noble charitable social networking strategy), what can we as network marketers/social networkers make from this faddish pervasive social episode?

As any successful internet marketer can tell you, everything that happens on social media is related to marketing, whether we like what we see or even if we don’t want to see it,it’s always there in front of us.

Like the ubiquitous and ridiculous TV commercials.Although ridiculous from a marketers perspective, it is very definitely not a bad thing,in fact, it’s probably a good thing.

So even if you think the ice bucket challenge is irrelevant from a marketer’s perspective,I believe you’ll see it differently.So for our make money online Frassadys’ Newsletter,what are the key points here from a marketer’s point of view?

The first is virality,you probably know what that means,but for emphasis that me define it:”The tendency of an image, video, or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another; the quality or fact of being viral”. So the keys to going viral?

Obviously participation,but how do you get participation? Remember people want to participate in online/offline social networking events.So first,the social marketing event must be original and unique.

Second, it needs to be simple with very low participation impediments (little cost).Third,but this might be the most important,the cause is noble,cool,(in this “Challenge” literally as well as figuratively),and demonstrative.

So everyone sees the nobility,as it encouraged people to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.

So for our make money online Frassadys’ Newsletter,the uniqueness and simplicity really caused it to go viral.It was very exclusive and there was no cost, if you had water,ice,a bucket,and a cell phone.

What if you receive a phone call from a fast-talking person who wants a pledge and a check to a particular charity? Do we not already give to several charities? What if the ALS Association sent out a form that had to be filled out and sent in?

You get the picture:throw in some forms to fill out, specific sites to which you upload the videos,or an entry fee and the ice bucket challenge is a abject bust.

The “challenge” was the motivator, especially with the ALS charity in the back of people’s minds.You get called by a friend or relative in Facebook,for example, and you are now basically committed.

The peer pressure phenomenon. So what are we to learn from all this? Well, the initiator doesn’t spread the idea, the persons through their own volition spread the idea,for the reasons above which we’d discussed.

So for our make money online Frassadys’ Newsletter,the reasons-of-participation are the catalysts that disseminate the social networking event.I believe you’ve seen the time factor incorporated into offers,this introduces a sense of urgency.

So you’ll see a countdown timer on squeeze pages.How did the “challenge” utilize this concept? Urgency was created through the issuing of the challenge to a friend, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge or you have to donate $100 to the ALS Association.

Now, you’ve handed the recipient a sense of urgency,and an implicit commitment to share in the burden of giving to that noble cause,even though the commitment was established to forgive the $100.00 “debt” because of the action taken.

And the “challenge” videos produced to avoid the donation debt? Why are people enjoying them so much? Two words apply: there’re short (<60 sec) and fun. Did you smile at watching a challenge video? Like every one I watched!!!!!!!

So take aim,create a sense of urgency by building in a timetable during which the participants must act or face consequences,and keep the campaign short and fun.

It’s very apropos that the most powerful “consequences” are of the social variety. So for this Frassadys make money online 100814 Newsletter-Social Media and The Ice Bucket Challenge be mindful of the Challenge analogy.

If you fine yourself delving into a social media campaign, always keep track of your social media metrics,and for a powerful WordPress software tool that tracks your social media results including Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, and Linkedin ,then you’ll need to check out Social Metrics Pro.
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Take good care, until next time, keep this in mind: Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. Eleanor Roosevelt