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Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Infuse Yourself

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No Money!

A man walks into a bar and says, “Give me a beer before the problems start!”
He drinks the beer and then orders another saying, “Give me a beer before the problems start!”

The bartender looks confused. This goes on for a while, and after the fifth beer the bartender is totally confused and asks the man “When are you going to pay for these beers?”

The man answers, “Now the problems start!”


Infuse Yourself

frassadys home based business blog

If you want to start up a blog, the best thing to do is just find a topic you care about and get started.

Obviously, if your visitors like your posts, they will most likely return to read new blogs.

Whether you want to create a humor blog or one related to IM, or another niche,anyone can create a unique and interesting blog.

If you are planning to start up your own blog, think carefully about what you want to write about. Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Infuse Yourself

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Boomers Reading Content

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The Band Played On

My colleague used to play in a brass band that performed in park bandstands. It was their policy to keep playing until every member of the audience had gone.
One wet afternoon, they played to a small group that gradually dwindled, except for one man who lingered. So the band played on. And on.
Eventually, the tuba player sidled over to the onlooker and politely asked him to leave so the band could go home.

“Actually,” said the man. “I was waiting for the music to finish so I could put the chairs away.”

Boomers Reading Content

make money at home

First,you want to make a decision on what type of eproduct you’d like to create.

Like an informational product or a how-to product.
An informational eBook for example, you could sell via Kindle.

A video series could be sold by you,or sold on, for example, Clickbank. Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Boomers Reading Content

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

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A genie and an idiot
Three guys stranded on a desert island find a magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish.
The first guy wishes he was off the island and back home.
The second guy wishes the same.
The third guy says: ‘I’m lonely. I wish my friends were back here.’


Don’t Reinvent the Wheel


The great thing about affiliate marketing through JVZoo or ClickBank is that the affiliate can start earning nearly as much as the product creator without having to create a product.

You don’t have to spend lots of time and money creating a product, because you market eproducts in those affiliate networks in which eproducts are already created and ready to be sold online.

The affiliates job is to drive traffic to the product creators offer.We’ll talk about that in a while. Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Frassadys Make Money Online Blog -Sales Funnels Opportunity

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A wife complains to her husband: “Just look at that couple down the road, how lovely they are. He keeps holding her hand, kissing her, holding the door for her, why can’t you do the same?”

The husband: “Are you crazy? I barely know that woman!”


In a boomerang shop: “I’d like to buy a new boomerang please. Also, can you tell me how to throw the old one away?”

Mr. Smith: “Doctor, you remember this strengthening solution you prescribed me yesterday?”

Doctor: “Yes, what’s the matter?”

Mr. Smith: “I would like to use it but I can’t open the bottle!”



Sales Funnels Opportunity


Recall,Solo Ads are an important paid advertising technique for Internet Marketers

make money online-solo ads

These Ads are a technique under the “direct response” marketing umbrella. By that I mean,you garner an immediate measurable response.

So with Solo Ads you send the right message,to the right niche, at the optimum time.

Solo ads are the most effective way to build your own personal list by placing ads on other marketers’ newsletters. Continue reading Frassadys Make Money Online Blog -Sales Funnels Opportunity

Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Placing An Advert

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Anything for $50

Walter took his wife Ethel to the state fair every year, and every time he would say to her, “Ethel, you know that I’d love to go for a ride in that helicopter.” But Ethel would always reply, “I know that Walter, but that helicopter ride is 50 dollars and 50 dollars is 50 dollars.”
Finally, they went to the fair, and Walter said to Ethel, “Ethel, you know I’m 87 years old now. If I don’t ride that helicopter this year, I may never get another chance.” Once again Ethel replied, “Walter, you know that helicopter is 50 dollars and 50 dollars is 50 dollars.”

This time the helicopter pilot overheard the couple’s conversation and said, “Listen folks, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll take both of you for a ride; if you can both stay quiet for the entire ride and not say a word I won’t charge you! But if you say just one word, it’s 50 dollars.”

Walter and Ethel agreed and up they went in the helicopter. The pilot performed all kinds of fancy moves and tricks, but not a word was said by either Walter or Ethel. The pilot did his death-defying tricks over and over again, but still there wasn’t so much as one word said. When they finally landed, the pilot turned to Walter and said, “Wow! I’ve got to hand it to you. I did everything I could to get you to scream or shout out, but you didn’t. I’m really impressed!”

Walter replied, “Well to be honest I almost said something when Ethel fell out but, you know, 50 dollars is 50 dollars!”



Placing An Advert

make money at home

Never build your business on one lead source.
You’ve seen and worked with the large networks such as Google, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and Facebook.

You’ve also seen how many rules they have, and how fickle they are.

They can kick you off their network at any time, and give you absolutely no reason why. Continue reading Frassadys Home Based Business Blog-Placing An Advert